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RE: dCrops Adventures - Fall Season 31 & Beta Presale Starts Today!

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Sweet! How many you gonna buy this time? Me personally are aiming at 200 packs. If I buy them today I do not know yet. Depends on how fast the sale are mowing. Maybe Il buy 5 extra today just to try it out :)

Good luck mate, keep on building in dCrops - they are on to something here!


How's it going brother?

I initially thought I would wait a bit to see how it would go before jumping in, but couldn't help myself and just bought 81 packs with some $HIVE I bought yesterday on Binance. Thankfully it pumped last night so I bought like 15% more than I paid for.

Will keep adding a few packs here and there until I reach a minimum of 200 packs. Looks like there will be plenty of time for that.

Hope you're having a good day!

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The days are good mate! How is yours? keep on chugging aight? :)

Haha that is awesome to hear, talk about timing!

Yes, indeed! I will now wait to buy some just to be sure there is enough demand, but hey - CONGRATS on your purchase of 80 packs! You will be a whale in dCrops in the future I am sure of it! 😎

Enjoy man and I will add a comment to your post every now and then to see how you do 🤠

Doing great bro, already in vacation mode and chilling.

I will keep buying BETA packs no doubt! I'm addicted to this game so I enjoy it to the fullest, and if it pays then I'll take it!

Thanks for dropping by, I'll see you around!


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That is good to hear man! Then the money suddenly becomes a bonus and that is healthy 😎
Take care, I'll see you around ofc! <3