I still claim Airdrops! Your Ego, and Airdrops.

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Unless you are a crypto Whale, then you might consider airdrops as a waste of time. But for us, or let me be clear: myself, a plankton, some airdrops remains a gem to me ; because I'm still very far from being a Fish in this crypto ocean. Hive or Steem aside, I am diversify about my crypto portfolios despite been bitten in the ass in doing that. I got so many shitcoins to my name in the name of diversity, however, I am not relenting in my quest but a bit much wiser compared to 2016/2017 when I still roam the blockchain with tiny knowledge.

You would agree with me that airdrops were created for a few reasons aside giving free tokens out, and not for you or anyone who feels too haughty to claim them whenever you can. In facts airdrops are part of fostering a healthy ecosystem for any new crypto projects, even the old ones are not left out. That been said, nobody owes anyone on the cryptospace, you only get what you work for whether by investing, staking, mining or claiming the drops meant for token circulation.

It is a funny scenario when crypto users are cursing project owners who decides who and what parameters to airdrop their new tokens, another funnier twist is seeing some set of people claiming they are too rich or big to claim airdrops. In Cryptocurrency, everyone for herself/himself(in terms of your Portfolio), its really not anyone's headache what you are holding, stacking or how you get it. When someone determines air dropping is for the poor and they take no part in it, who really cares. For a fact, these drops gotten by some, is the investment capital some smart individuals flipped into six figures.

Essentially, everyone with their variants of mindsets and perspective. The end game is all that matters, to anyone who considers airdrops as petty, I think you need to have a reorientation as to what crypto entails and how ecosystem thrives. As a form of marketing, people who get some of these drops are compelled to hold more, buy more and trade it more often which is the vital part of tokencomics.

You are on the losing end, whether you ignore new token freebies or not. You end up regretting when these assets surge in price and you wonder where your pride has gotten you, a Penny at hand is better than a buck in the bush!

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