GEM document discovered! The Bitcoin PreHistory!

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Sometimes you find some GEM diagrams and documents.

In this case for all the loyal crypto verse family there is a diagram produced called the BITCOIN Preshitory.

Created by @danheld, this diagram is a brilliant insight into the foundational work that created crypto and the various forms we have today even including LEO!

Without this history, none of this would exist so we must pay homage.

Screen Shot 20201128 at 10.50.39 PM.png

The detail and history date all the way back to the 1970's!

Yes the foundations of BITCOIN go back all the way to the 70s. The disco era!

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Fascinating! I think research of “immutable documents” may have happened even earlier.

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Nice find mate! 40 years of research plus another 12 of development, it just gets better!

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This chart is quite interesting. Thanks!

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