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It might not be super popular among the Hive maximalists but powering down at or near the right timeframe can be immensely powerful to growing your account longterm. Contrary against often cited opinion powering down does not always equate to quitting Hive and selling out - if timed right it's one of the most viable options to increase your stake longterm provided you can play it right and not get cold feet.

Playing it right does require some factors that make it seem too daunting to undertake to many:

First of all you really need to practice patience and resilience.

Even the best charting techniques and forecasts will make it pretty much impossible to guarantee you will sell the actual top in a market cycle. This in turn means you may be able to sell close'ish to the tops but you will still have to weather the storms of volatility that are sure to ensue, resisting the urge to bail on your short position in Hive just to jump back in long when it keeps pumping and pumping like there is no tomorrow.

Once you're out you're out, and the best idea would be to close the Hive chart and not look back for a few months. Easier said and done but really worthwhile advice in general - doing a few macro trades rather than getting caught up in the day to day price volatility.

You could also place a "ridiculous" buy back point before closing the chart. Set and forget.

The point is to not keep looking at the price action once your stake has been sold. Even those with the most steeled nerves can get cold feet when they see Hive's price increase another 10%, another 20%, 40%, 80% from where you jumped out.

The point is if you somehow manage to let it be and trust that everything will come back down to a degree, then you may find that you have great chances to not only buy back your stake later but increase its size dramatically or bank the difference.

And since the days of Steem I have vowed to be ready when the makets go insane again - with enough liquid stake ready, to try and catch that oily pig that is upside momentum and make use of it before prices goes downhill on a macro level.

So if you see people powering down you can't just assume they are turning their back on Hive. It could just be people who dare to give their stake away in moments where anyone and their grandma want in at any price regardless of common sense.

Patience outweighs technicals and luck. Or at least that's my working theory at the moment.

Of course there will always be a risk that Hive could in fact never come down again and that you will wake up a year later seeing just how stupid and short-sighted it was to sell at the very beginning of a major macro bull... but then I found that this idea is most often the precise reason people hang on to their huge crypto positions and carry it back down again through years of bear market territory. Fear of selling until it's way too late.

Better to sell within the best third of price action and have the balls to not buy back in right away. Do this once and your stake will thank you longterm!

So much for the naive plan and why I am powering down for the moment. Come back in a year and ask me how it turned out. I hope I can tell you it was worth it and give back to the community even more <3

Hive to me is and remains a longterm heart-project without competition out there!

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I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice

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It's good to keep some powered down, ready to sell during a crazy pump. I only sell during crazy pumps, and I try to buy back lower. I don't see any problem with this, though I'm also trying to constantly grow my account long term. I don't think I'll power down this newer account ever, unless I somehow became one of the biggest accounts and selling helped to distribute the rewards better, but I don't know how that would happen at this point.

Aye, selling some can really help learning to let go. What you let go can come back to you right?

There will come a point when a real armada of genuine people will come across Hive and rewards will distribute wider. Not only because of rewards pool but mainly because Hive will be sent from individual to individual like in a real economy.

Blessings dude!

yup! hope you sold today! Hope you buy again soon!

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