NFTs are useful to validate products and academic credentials

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NFT's addressed as Non-Fungable Tokens in full has come to stay in the world of block chain. It has made history and created outstanding impacts in life. NFT's not only covers the digital artwork representations as many assume but deeply influences other aspects or sectors of real life.

This publication is aimed at analyzing NFT's role in :

  • Academic credentials

  • Products Authentication

Challenges associated with Academic credentials

In our today's world, each day passes by with new inventions increasingly high, long time certificates and credentials are either outdated or updated in such a way that we find it difficult to recognize each. Due to this changes, there seems to be uproars in the educational sector as people now forge results which are not theirs to aid them secure well paying jobs meant for people with high qualifications and intellectual ability.

This has of course led to the high rate of joblessness, cyber crimes, juvenile delinquency and countless social vices we notice or fall victims of today.People's results are either swapped or exchanged, some get lost due to carelessness and inaccuracy, hence the need to a stronger , capable aid.

NFT- A worthwhile solution

certificate-g199492dbe_1920.pngFrom pixabay

As a block chain known for it's accuracy, NFT's has been able to provide proves and evidences concerning one's educational attainments, NFT can keep and store accurate information which can never be altered or hacked into. NFT chain not only stores information temporarily but keeps records and tracks of such information for as long as one can imagine, in order words, your informations are permanently saved and safe.

A block chain which specifies class attendance, number of offered courses, examination protocols, and earned degrees among others via it's verification systems, it sure worths trial.

Products authentication- It's tasking challenges

A major challenge in products acquisition is one's inability to differentiate the original one from the fake one. Sadly many consumers have fallen victims to pruchasing fake products which in turn gives a negative reaction.

We have tons of companies and factories who now produce fake products in grander scales and they do such in ways that the counterfeit products look exactly the same as the original ones. Their actions affects the genuine brand manufacturers as their product quality are toiled with and their income generation drastically reduced.

A major observation rests on the various body lotions/creams companies who now have thousands of competitors in the market. In a bid to secure customers and generate income, they go extra miles by making use of low quality materials for the production of their products.

As consumers notices the weird changes on their skin, they may stop purchasing that particular brand of products causing abrupt downfall to the original brand and of course dragging its name in the mud.

NFT- A great detector

hair-care-g85e3dad4f_1920.jpgFrom pixabay

NFT ensures that a product being purchased is authentic as it gives detailed information concerning a product's brand, its ingredients, date of manufacture, expiry date, nutritional supplement, usage instructions etc.

Just a stress less scan using a product's barcode tells just how authentic a product is. The NFT chain goes ahead to create a lasting impression and a satisfactory purchase establishing a strong producer-consumer relationship. How about monitoring a product journey which was ordered online from its manufacture, shipping process and finally the delivery, just so transparent, all with the aid of NFT


Our educational and production sectors have fallen victims countlessly to fraudulent activities and this keeps increasing at an alarming rate. Why should this happen when there is a great aid to curbing or putting a permanent stop to it.

Many who assumed that NFT's are only art related can now agree with me that it can touch vast aspects of life. Why not welcome NFT's now and be a beneficiary of its reliability and accuracy.

Our various educational institutions and production companies should include this in their plans and endeavor to accomplish it soon as our digital world undergoes modernization on a daily basis.


Wow this is really amazing I hope the educational sector and production sector will take this serious because they are lots of fake things out there.

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Nfts are useful to validate the product and academic credentials, yes, I believed that NFTS are not non fungable tokens. It's impact in life