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Being on a longer vacation gives more time to think about different topics... One of them is of course work... I have a kind of guilt that I have taken a longer vacation (over a month), but on the other side, I have an excuse for doing that... I have worked my ass for the rest of the year, working 10-12 hours per day... every day... Okay, a bit less on weekends, but still working then, too...

Regardless of all those facts, I still have something inside me that always keeps me on tip of my toes... The hardest thing for me is to relax... And I'm aware that that is very bad as it's hurting not just my mind, but also m body... It's like living under continuous stress, and from my personal experience, stress is a major cause most of the illnesses... It's amazing how many bad things we can avoid just by removing stress... And the main tool for doing that is to relax...

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Yesterday, I was sitting with my friends in the bar and we were talking about a similar topic... To be more exact, we were talking about 2 different types of jobs, one where you work for a company, and the other one when you work for yourself... There are many pros and cons for both types, but what we all agree on is that working for a company is always "living in a fear" of losing a job... It's contradictory how you "feel a safety net" when you work in a company, but on the other side, you can be fired anytime and lose everything...

On the other side, when you work for yourself you can fire yourself... lol... You can fail in some tasks/jobs, but you can always continue working, creating new ideas, etc... The level of stress (and type of stress) is probably different for these two jobs, but it is present in both... But... When you work for yourself you can lower those levels as you should work on yourself every day... not just on YOUR JOB, but on yourself, as you are the main tool for your job!

From my personal view, I'm probably in that group where "you are your worst boss", and I push myself too much, being unable to relax even when I'm on vacation... After reducing my weekend work, this will be my next big thing to work on... To be able to relax and enjoy... You should do the same as you deserve to relax!

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Let's get back to the #MyHiveGoals and numbers for the last week... The whole of this whining is about the guilt I feel for not creating more content on HIVE... 😃 As a direct result, I don't get precious author rewards that can build up my HivePower much faster than curation...

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I'm still tweaking my HivePower growth strategy... Until now, I'm still not doing enough to reach my ORCA goal, as I'm losing pace week by week, and that's not good... On top of my 1K #HivePUD monthly powerups, I will try to power up at least 200 HIVE per week... When my curation rewards come in, it should be in total, over 2K HivePower per month... If my calculations are right, I should do around 2.2K every month to reach my goal... The daily grind is on! :)

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In the last report, I said that I suck at my LEO Power goal, and that helped a bit to accumulate more than my weekly average this time... I have staked 93 LEO tokens in the last 7 days... I wanted to participate in the LeoPUD event, but I can't wait with my staking... lol... I suppose that I will never reach that minimum that you need to participate... :)

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There isn't too much to say regarding my WORKERBEE token goal... I have bought a small number of tokens, but I didn't stake them yet... It wouldn't make a big difference, so I will wait a bit more... Price did go down a bit and it's a play of cat and mouse who will snap first... Sellers drop the bigger amounts of tokens for a cheap price, or buyers buy for a market price... :)

I did a slightly better job with my BEE POWER goal this week and narrowed the difference between my current stake and monthly goal... Also, the price of the BEE token went a bit up, which was nice to see...

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If you are playing the RISING STAR game, you have probably noticed that there currently we have a lot of interesting NFTs for collecting... In the last report, I mentioned the FTB6 card, the mighty Risers card that is probably the most valuable card in the game... I have blended it and my next goal is to blend the special, animated NFTs, from the "Summer Breeze" mission... Also, I'm collecting Festival wristbands again, as I want to blend basic FTB cards and keep them...

As you already know, I have reached my SPS tokens goal and changed my staking habits... In the past, I was staking over 200 tokens per day, but today, I'm doing around 100 as my airdrop isn't as big as before... I get a bit more than that per day, but I'm accumulating funds in the DEC:SWAP.HIVE pool again... Until the next CL packs purchase... :)

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It's time to update the numbers and put them into the spreadsheet until the next week! So, freshly updated numbers for #MyHIVEGoals, on July 24th, 2022 are:


Join us in this awesome #MyHiveGoals and let's grow together! You can find the original post about the challenge by @robwillmann here.

Thank you for your time,


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The link to my initial 2022 Goals Edition is here...

These are my initial goals for 2022 created on January 2nd, 2022:


Update 06.02.2022.
BEE POWER 2500 --> 3500
RISING STAR NFTs 5555 --> 6000

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Over a month such a long vacation but no problem, welcome back. Sometimes having vacation boost our energy. Good luck with your goals my friend 💝

Sometimes having vacation boost our energy

You are right about this 100%... Without a vacation, we would burn out and that's not good...


Great update. Keep up the good work/vacation!

Thank you...

Keep up the good work/vacation!

or.... work ON vacation... :)


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You got some nice stacks going on there ! And thats a nice curation income from HP !

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Thanks for checking out my post! I made a huge HivePower goal for this year and I have to push hard to reach it... It's a challenge!


Looking good that bee etc really adds up. Rising star kind of flopped with their changes theres no real value there in the token it's down like 4x from what it was and you can't blame the bear market on that one lol.

Awesome power up on Hive that's huge!

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Thanks for your kind words!
Regarding the Rising Star token, I agree with you that we can't blame the bear market for that as it's an "isolated" environment... The same goes for any token inside Splinterlands and we can see happening something similar over there...

The price drop of STARBITS tokens was expected when a big whale stopped buying them from the market and swapping them for STARPRO... I don't know what was the logic in that (I mean, accumulating huge amounts of STARPRO), but I was following closely when that happened...


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Great progress on your goals and trying to get over 2k HP a month seems like a huge hurdle. I am sure you will do fine with your power-ups each month and week.

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Thanks for trusting in me... :) I will surely do my best... If I succeed, great... If not, at least I have tried... ;)


When you work for yourself, you are on 24/7. Yes, it is hard to relax, sometimes even when you are on vacation. On the other hand, when you do a job, after office hour, you go home, relax and spend quality time with your family.

In a job, you have job responsibilities. You are responsible for that. But when you do business, you are responsible for everything that happens.

Reading your post, I was writing comment, I thought why don't I make a video about financial security, stress in job and business. I just made the video that is going to be published tomorrow.

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Reading your post, I was writing comment, I thought why don't I make a video about financial security, stress in job and business. I just made the video that is going to be published tomorrow.

Wooohooo! I'm happy to see that you got inspired by the post and created a video with your point of view on this topic! That's why I like HIVE, people inspire each other every day!


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