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RE: End Of Season, Rentals and Player Ticking Up, I'm Just Accumulating Cards

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I was very skeptical at the beginning of this season as I had very poor results... But, as the season was coming to an end, I have earned more and more daily focus chests... So, the crucial part for rewards accumulation was the last 4-5 days of the season!
Regarding season rewards, I was playing the same way as I was doing before the rules changed, and I have finished in the same, Diamond 1 league as before, but with 9 chests more... Of course, the contents of the chests were much better than with old rules...

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You're certainly not alone. Many people were skeptical in the beginning. I figured it would take a few seasons for people to figure out what league they needed to be in. Glad it worked out for you overall.

24 chests per day was so much more fun than what it used to be in bronze and silver and it pained me a bit to not have opening all those chests to look forward to in those last few days, but I think I'm still managing to do better renting those cards out than I was playing with them.

Thanks for the curate. I'm checking out some of the other posts on your list now.


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