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RE: old photo of me

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As others have explained to you before, abit has a deep knowledge of the code, and is heavily vested in hive. He has saved the day multiple times and is an extremely valuable asset to have around.

How about you do some research on my accounts? It's all on the blockchain. Looking forward to new bullshit conspiracies where I get mentioned.



I'm not trying to make a case. You're just too stupid to understand. It's okay, nobody cares about your "research" anyways. Everyone who has ever visited a steemfest immediately knows what a clown you are. Your theories don't work with people who know each other personally ;)


I don't give a damn about your reach, it's all bullshit you write. But keep writing, I honestly enjoy your theories!


I don't consider strangers friends or enemies. I simply don't give a shit.
The only reason I'm still paying attention to you is because I'm waiting for your promised post with all my accounts outing all the evil I am committing, to have a good laugh.
Don't leave me hanging!


Are those all aliases of mine, or other people?