Bitcoin landing on the Moon: are we there yet?

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

To be honest with you guys, I was always kind of skeptical about those exorbitant estimates saying that Bitcoin will be once worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars but seeing what has been going on in the world of cryptocurrency right now, I think I need to change my opinion a bit and accept those wild guesses :D

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At the time of writing this post, the Bitcoin price is hovering around $41,000 and I think that at this point, almost everyone believe that it will soon break the epic $50,000 milestone, a mark that actually seemed quite unreal until very recently.

Bitcoin is all over the media these days, it´s trending on Google search, people are talking about it more than ever before. It does feel like the beginning of the mass adoption. It does feel like the whole crypto world is currently turning from the underground to the mainstream (btw a friend one mine, a long-time hodler, just told me this: "I am really happy about the price mooning and all this hype but at the same time, I feel kind of sad because from now on, Bitcoin is not punk anymore." )

Do you guys think that all of this is actually still just the beginning? Or you assume that this is already the figurative Moon landing (price-wise) and we won´t go much further than this? Where do you see the absolute maximum that the Bitcoin price can reach one day? Please let me know in the comment section below, I am really curious to see what your take on this is ;)

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Ono vlastně žádné maximum není... Vždycky může jít ještě výš ;)
Trh hodně ovlivňují velcí hráči, kteří budou chtít vybrat zisky a dojde na korekci. Ale to nás nemusí trápit. Naopak nyní nám investice velkých fondů nahrávají... Já jsem prešvědčen, že jsme svědky začátku konce finančního systému tak jak ho známe. To co se událo ve FIAT za poslední roky je neudržitelné.

Jasně, teoreticky máš pravdu, určit absolutní ATH je v podstatě nemožné :) Měl jsem to aspoň nějak časově ohraničit, např. během našeho života. I to je ale vlastně dost vágní termín :D Tak nechme být a radujme se z každého dalšího "obyčejného" ATH ;)

S tím fiatem souhlas. Absolutně naivní, krátkozraké a neudržitelné. Krypto by určitě mohlo být řešením, ale je tady riziko, jak by se k této variantě postavily vlády jednotlivých zemí...

This growth is absolutely insane, but the good insane kind! If this is it without mass adoption, all those wild numbers don't feel that crazy in the near future. I'm trying to study markets more and more and increase my knowledge... all this world seems a not to be missed opportunity!

Ok so once you finish your reseach, let me know which of those wild numbers you incline to :D ;)

Ahahaha will do! Cheers! !BEER

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Dojde na moji optimistickou předpověď :-) Každopádně bublina zase částečně praskne, známe to.

Částečnému praskání bubliny se nejspíš opravdu nevyhneme, to máš pravdu. Mě ale v tomto případě zajímalo spíše to, jak vysoko (podle názorů ostatních kolegů tady v Úle) se může cena Bitcoinu vyšplhat v budoucnu při svém absolutním maximu ;)

Viděl bych to tak na 696 969 USD ;-) Vlastně nemám ponětí :-D

Ty máš tu svou 69 asi hodně rád, že? :D Všiml jsem si už dřív, v tipovačce ;)

Spíš se mi líbí 96, to bylo moje číslo kdysi v práci. A 69 bylo číslo jedné slečny, psst :-D. Každopádně jsou to čísla magická, protože když se obrátí vzhůru nohama, jsou pořád stejná :-)

To máš pravdu :) A o slečně teda raději psssst :D

To be honest, I used to think the 100 k valuations were too high but crap, we are almost halfway there! I'm starting to see it but it this the time? I doubt it. I think the price will crash again soonish. any hodler will probably have more opportunities to sell in future runs than this. I see a bunch of insane swings like this in both directions until mass adoption tho with a lot of "rags to riches stories" and "how I lost it all" stories along the way until it normalizes and finds it's place as an official asset. When everyone and their grannies are talking about it, you know it's in bubble territory.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! You were the first one to do that, I was alrady afraid that there would be no engagement here at all :D So thanks for breaking the silence. Yeah, I also think there would be crashes and new rises and a lot of all kinds of stories along the way. I was just curious where people see the ultimate ATH of Bitcoin, no matter when it will happen...

You are welcome! I don't think anyone has quite been to this level yet, hard to know what to think or what to do along with the facte we all know the rug is going to get pulled at some point. The good old crypto experiment...Scary stuff 😯

I could be wrong but here is a scenario @silvergingerman and I were discussing...keep in mind we like a good conspiracy and have creative minds. What if...All the institutional investment watched the last US stimulus check go to bitcoin instead of the stock market or spent on junk last time so now they are rushing to make bitcoin a thing and pump pump pump until everyone puts in their next stimulus check coming up then dump big time once stupid money bought at the top and leave them holding the bag until the next real organic bull run.

I think in the long term it will do well as the original concept but the swings will begin to get smaller and smaller as time goes on and the market normalizes itself into a stablecoin far far down the road. I don't know when or what all the ATH will be but I'm curious to find out. Never bet more than you can lose. I manage to slowly earn mine so far, we'll see.

I love creative minds and you guys put together a very interesting theory :) Let me think about it too :D Oh and no worries about my Btc bets, I have virtually no other coins but Hive, I am a die hard :D But I am watching the markets and was just curious what others think about it ;)

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Ok, that would be great :) Thanks.