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It was like not even a mere twenty four hours, I did write about the price of Hive on the road to a dollar. Apparently I jump the motion for this arrival. At the same time, it is more affordable to acquire a little bit more Hive while the market behavior changes to the left. This is like heartbeat. Up and down, repeat up and down. Life goes on for another day. The crypto market is the clear direction for that specimen. We all wish it go one way but this is unrealistic to say the least.

As I mention for the last couple days, #Hpud is around corner, make your bag to keep Hive away for the exchanges. It is a symbolic gesture to keep the community going. This feat is for the holders. The diamond paws that see the long goal for Hive. The opportune moment seems gloomy as the value drops. One Hive always equal to one Hive. This fact pays dividend for long term and this is where it is fascinating to hold and keep it coming.


Occupy top 10 in crypto market is just a picture figure. Nothing more important just the numbers at this time. If you recall a week ago, the historical picture differed greatly from what you see today. Even tomorrow can bring a new possibility. Opportunity is something that will always exist and no time to FOMO.
Hive is strong enough to weather the storm. I remembered when we use to be top 100. now we are somewhere in between. Due to DEFI pumping everywhere it is hard to really know where a true token stands in the marketcap.

Again the real importance of any token stops with you. You decide where to put your funds after your deep study of that coin. The more you put time, you can check and verify where it will land with you. I guess something is coming up hot with meme shiba. So sad to see project like that is way up there. This is the other side of crypto. Not all tokens are created equal.

I see the long term goal where you can continue to earn while holding a token.
#BTC is the first and it is finite. This is why every consistent player like EL Salvador did buy the deep. Even with the red, you can feel the positive is so near to conquer the place again.
It is so tough to trade with crypto lately unless you stare at the screen to understand the candles.

Uptober is showing its true color after all. Still at 33% month to date. It is just a way to shake weak hands so the big players can come in strong. By the way it is the same for Hive, opportunity strikes. We have grown to comprehend moment like this, you remain unshakable for the next round.
We ain't there yet. Keep vesting y'all.


The opportunities with #Hive are here, we just have to know when to move and take advantage of them. It is true that in the last 24 hours there was a setback but nothing that we cannot overcome so again we continue to trust and at the end of the year towards $ 1.

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Again the real importance of any token stops with you. You decide where to put your funds after your deep study of that coin.

This is pretty wise. No need to focus too much on what other tokens are doing if we believe in the product we have