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I was laughing at the idea of stoner cats seeing Aston Kutcher asking his wife about crypto currency and she nailed it every time. At the end he asked a question about #Ethereum and then Vitalik answered by giving a long explanation. And he said "That makes sense". It has too since the founder of Ethereum said so. While Stoner cats could be a laughing matter the amount of money grossed in less than one hour is another one.
You can read this article to find for yourself

Crypto is very transcending to a point where control is moving away from one sector to the world. Having a community is all you need, time, patience to build a crypto that can grow. Believe the time is prime for everyone to get involved and get a piece of the incoming abundance we have been waiting for. Like I mention stoner cats, it reminds me of kitty cats. NFT is another place where money is floating in the air.


While we see the effort put in place by El Salvador to bring crypto capital, innovations to the country, others think it is a bit too risky. I do not think El Salvador will put away the dollar for crypto right now. It will be suicide. Having crypto join the party right now will set the pace for them to look at other avenues to grow the economy. The amount of excuses to bring BTC down is way too common to elaborate.

While I am thinking about this, #BTC alone is holding at 4%+ today. While all the volatility talks, whales in the past six weeks acquired 170k BTC. There is a sense of urgency for regulation. Banks are look closer for integration. NFT continues to break record and the bull seems to revive for the second part of the year.

They know the technology can save the Financial world. This race is happening now due to the fact this is the only thing that can bring institutions back to the table for sure. How can I forget the associations of many traditional companies that made the jump by acquiring crypto and get rid of the dollar. Long term goal always forfeited the short term liquidity of the fiat. What a way to lead with #Grayscale, #MTSR and many others.
Holding crypto is the ultimate way to put fiat where it belongs and gather interests with your holdings.

So far my best holding is Hive. It has enabled me to see the true power of crypto around March of this year. It was March 28th. Hive was trading at a dollar for a while. As BTC is rising, Hive is getting harder to get. Hive reaches a dollar, it will be tougher to get reward from the pool cause Hive is more expensive. So much is at stake and I see the reminder and the true power of this community resides on the holders. Four more days to go for the next HPUD. Put value where it stands a chance to grow. Keep them vests.

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true two key words friend: time and patience to achieve the objectives set and if the next #HPUD is closer every day. One question is what is more convenient for us as members of the HIVE family, the price as it was that March 28, close to $ 1 or how it is at the moment.

IF Hive gravitates to a dollar or more
it will be tougher for newbies to earn Hive.
Right now it is a lot easier to accumulate
so when a dollar or two come you will be in good place
to only spend couple of Hive than right now.
I cannot give my Hive away.

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You're totally right. Truth is, holding Crypto is also the wisest thing to do at this moment. Holding hive is also my biggest asset lately. Crypto for me, shouldn't be in competition with the dollar, I generally believe that it's the future and not a competition. El Salvador is choosing to take the first step, I do not think they'll regret it.

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