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The word interest bears a lot of wait in the financial world. Having funds sitting in one place giving you daily return are called gain. Some may call it profit knowing you did not have that fund to start with. The interest part is associated with a number that may fluctuate from time to time depending on the market data. You can find this number per example within Hive blockchain when you hold Hive power. For a while the interest inflation adjustment was sitting at 3.21% APR. Since the movement of the market, it is now sitting at 3.06% APR. It will adjust depending on the need appropriation of the blockchain. The rise of Hive plays a role as well.

This interest differs greatly from the HBD interest. The witnesses set this one to encourage holders to save the HBD away from exchanges, that way you earn 10% APR on your holdings. Holding HBD put pressure on Hive to rise. It will take three days to withdraw the HBD. If you look at a service of #leofinance community you can encounter another interest for curation. Usually for most holders it fluctuate around 10% interest by voting others.

This curation can emulate the same objective for the tribes as well. In a nutshell using the Hive blockchain to the full extent may be compared to a decentralized finance, except you have to stick your finger in the trigger to do most of the upvote, the postings and all that go with this community. Even with delegation you get a portion to the amount staked to the other party. Understanding this phenomenon can open the door to #DEFI for you.

Before we swim lightly into the world of DEFI, we have to give a big thank to the team of #Leofinance for making #CUB finance something to relay from. Before that #uniswap is the one with the most noise out there. I'd like to throw #chainlink in the mix due to their ability to make this world moving faster with multiple service offered. They offered as well the oracle network that allow the smart contract to behave according to data indicated.

The main idea that captivates DEFI so much is the ability you and I will get a better service than a certificate of deposit. Quick I need to add the risk factor where you need to invest only the amount you can afford to lose. Moving forward, understand risk is the way you gain trust with the platform in place and place your preferred token into a system. So far the DEFI market is sitting at $124+ billion and growing. DEFI is so interesting, I do not think holders will leave that space ever. It may sound like a dream come true. Most of the token you can think of are part of a DEFI platform or system. Even Hive at one time was part of #Uniswap. Not sure if it is a thing due to high price of gas.


So far there are many ways to interact with DEFI. #CUb finance is a newcomer and they are adding new plans from time to time. At first it took me a while to fully grasp with #Kingdoms plans. I do understand the #farms, the #Dens. Now they have a new one #IDO to bring new token in the market by burning #CUB. Let me stay today with Kingdoms for a legitimate reason. You may say Cub is new, okay I prefer to use #Pancakeswap instead. The earning vector differ greatly from each platform. Always good to make a calculated move.

Actually they got that fix by using LP from #Pancakeswap. The system uses #Bakery as well. They use too #BELT for BTC, ETH to park these two tokens. This is the power behind DEFI. All the systems are build to work with each other to avoid a point of weakness. Lately no need for the team of #Leofinance to build the whole DEFI platform when they can outsource one LP that is working great.


Just give it some time, you will see the TVL will grow with more experienced users. It has getting better with stable platform to control risk and expand profit. Sooner or later the whole DEFI space can encompass close to $2 trillion. This is the point where blockchain technology is holding itself quite well. Usually when you think of crypto many see basic transactions with token nonstop. DEFI gives true meaning with what the banks are doing. DEFI alone will attract many to use crypto. So it is not like they love crypto so much. They are crazy with DEFI and how it has become a powerhouse.

With smart contract leading this sphere, connecting to a DEFI platform reveal what else is out there for crypto. In the picture above, you need to connect to #Pancakeswap and #Belt to get the LP and #Beltbtc. From then you come back to #CUB finance and make your move to earn #CUB. A good permission-less service well run will build trust in the long run. Many blockchains run DEFI starting with Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and many more like #Cardano trying to steal the show.

DEFI is about to go 10X in the next couple of years with demand and with value that will never leave the crypto sphere. A generation has found a way to live of crypto just like the traditional financial had been living under their own. One worry you can have, how about the internet since everything is online? It has been some years. By the way even the traditional system/market use the digital world heavily. The difference is centralization vs decentralization where you run the show.
The time has come where a generation will only possess crypto, see ya fiat money.

When you take into account all the DEFI system out there like #thorchain, #maker, #aave,#Compound,#Sushi, the list could be lengthy. The idea is crypto is here to stay where you decide by the information you gather to make a proactive move. Being part of this Hive/Leofinance community you get to stay on top of the food chain. Great info and great direction to go get the right info you need to move forward.

DEFI is becoming a pillar in the crypto world. No need to just buy a token and wait for it to gain in value just by supply and demand. DEFI allows you to be part of the whole transaction from head to toe while the token is growing in value. It is formidable to witness where one the branches of abundance will come. Not all DEFI platforms are created the same way. Do your due diligence and pick the one that have less risk and more trust to benefit from both ends.
DEFI world is beautiful indeed. Be ready to be your own boss.
Keep vesting in you.

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It would be great to be my own boss and I am completely sure that with Hive I will achieve it while I will continue to stack many more.

Whenever you have the opportune moment
you need to look at Cub defi too.
Hive has extension.

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Hey @hjrrodriguez, here is a little bit of BEER from @pouchon for you. Enjoy it!

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To be honest, I might have gotten lost somewhere in the middle of this post with all the highlights in #.

So, sometime as this month began, I decided that I've heard enough of Hive and other platforms as a bystander and really need to get into investing in me and being my own boss and so began my Hive journey.

I'm getting around the communities and reading up concerning how things works especially in finance market.

I'll appreciate any link or a post that'd be of help.

You said something about #CUB for newbies.. how does that work, please?

I think DeFi is amazing, I love investing for daily income. I think CubFinance is a good investment, but I do remind myself from time to time that I could loose everything here. It’s scary, but the risk benefit ratio feels safe.

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