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It has been more than four years since this journey commences for me
in this blockchain. Looking aside I was looking for a place where I can
bring a peice of me and take a piece of everyone to grow. Last weekend
#bitcoin decided to take a little dip. The dip started before the weekend.
Apparently it was all the end for February.

Today #bitcoin changes course as always to amount a 10% increase. Holding
crypto is the riskiest form of investment to days. It is so risky you think
of asking yourself, why take the risk? I learn to find out the risk exist
everywhere. The stock market has a lot of risk. I purchased Apple couple weeks
ago to witness the value of my stocks drop so low I have to watch it moving side ways
for weeks.

I learn to appreciate the risk in crypto can be seen only if you lack of experience
and you are looking for quick short term gains. Trade is what gives life purpose. We
always moving around to gain and make profit. Just wait for your time and you will defer
the risk bug. Now if you just hold fiat currency, you are running the risk of losing value
in the long term.

Risk can bring a positive vibe to your portfolio when you invest according to your need.
Investing in #hive is a risk that I have been consume for years. I feel at peace with whatever
happens tomorrow. Actually I did power up some Hive today. I am planning on getting more off
the market hoping for the price to break down.

This is a risk I am willing to wait even though I want to see #hive going to $1+. #leofinance is
another risk worth taking. It brings fresh air to the eco-system. #leofinance is the main reason
you see in my view the growth in Hive-engine.


If you look closer there is more than #leofinance in there. The consistence of #leofinance proves to
be the cataclysm. Kudos to #DEC tokens and game. I do not know much but there are there as well.
Not taking risk is worst than taking a small one. The more calculated risk you can take can be
very rewarding in the long term.

Right now March is the month for #hive. March 20th was the day we started
the decentralization of the community. Hard to put this into words, 2021 should be the year
we put social media back on the map. This blockchain can enable so much.
I know #leo has many under its sleeves. So far it is the icing on the cake.
Practically we all can bring something to the blockchain.

If you are scared to risk a little bit of your time to learn crypto, good luck.
Pick your risk wisely. Mr. Wonderful is okay with 3%. Mr. Musk can risk a lot more than three.
Saylor did risk so much it is not even funny. Winklevoss did risk when the world does not even know
what bitcoin will become. The list can be so long for you to imagine what will be your risk factor.

I have to say it last, investment is a risk that
you should take when you know what you want to do.
Always invest what you can afford to lose. Yikes!
Keep stacking satoshis.
Happy hive power up day!

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A good point made. As they say the greatest risk a man can ever take is not take the risk at all. If we don't take a risk we end up regretting in later day. Nice article!!!

Risk is something we take daily.
We just need to take the ones with benefits.


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Exactly... Thanks for the beer.

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