Just bought some more, which makes a total of 100k MEME

Nicely done: 100% Upvoted!

Welcome aboard the MEME train :)

Good luck with your investment.

!giphy meme

Thank you! I see you are using @hivegifbot quite frequently. Hope you like it - it's me who is running it ;)

Nice, I also use it in some one off giveaways I do. Thanks for running it. I will have to remember to give you credit in my next giveaway/contest post that uses it.


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Awesome if it's being used :)

!gif awesome

Why was Pavlov's beard so soft?
Because he conditioned it.

Credit: reddit
@primersion, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @rentmoney
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1000+ MEME upvote applied.