BitGo Is Bringing DeFi-Friendly Wrapped Bitcoin to the Tron Blockchain

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Tron, a blockchain launched in 2017 by former Ripple devotee Justin Sun, has forged a strategic alliance with BitGo's maintenance experts.

This partnership will bring BitGo-packaged bitcoins (WBTC) into the Tron ecosystem as a TRC-20 token.

The introduction of the WBTC - coupled with the newly created ether packet token from BitGo - aims to help drive a new decentralized financial (DeFi) ecosystem on Tron.

"Our new strategic alliance with Tron creates greater opportunities for users to expand into other chains and tag their BTC in the Tron dApp ecosystem while transacting at lower costs and faster speeds," Belshe said in a statement.


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But are funds safu?

Personally, I wouldn't trust a platform with a history of stealing user funds.

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