May bee - powerup and delegation

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May, 1 today -- a special day on the Hive blockchain, as you know, it is a

Hive Power Up Day!


Last month two pleasant events apparently happened with me: my account have crossed the 73 level mark, and I celebrated my second blockchain anniversary (I have got this badge as a proofpic). These two years embraced tremendous amount of efforts, acquaintances, contests, walks, photo activities, great visuals and fun. Hive on, my friends!


These are my achievements on the blockchain; and a lot of friends all over the world!


hpud-2105-stat.png -- look at the nice graph, it displays a non-stop growth thru all the recent month. I wasnt a lazy bee. Although my author's rewards were by 400 Hive less, then in March.

All the posts were set to 50-50% rewards, which provided me some liquidity. I didnt invest fiat to obtain Hive (actually it would be a silly move, given the current market situation). Also, I win a dozen tokens in a few challenges: 'Amazing nature', 'Show me photo of a bird', 'Fungi Lovers campfire talk' to name a few.

HBD exchange rate benefitted for obtaining Hive tokens at a good price. I sold all HBDs I earned in April, and on the top of it, I had 190.373 liquid Hive in my wallet.


190.373 Hive were powered up with the help of @ecency app. Thus, my account grew by 745 HP: from 12,450 in April to 13,195 in May (i.e. 5,98%).

Now, let's look at the delegation. At the moment I support the following projects:


Actually, I feel those numbers are quite rounded, and dont feel urge to change anything, except I start delegation to @homeedders community - 102 HP. I wish FL community account would have a bigger Voice Power, but I think I've added enough tokens on the plate and now its other members move, right? It is give and take game, not only take-take-take-withdraw scenario. Well, that is all!

Changes were made via @peakd interface.
Screenshots taken with my fave Fast Stone Capture.
Cover artwork made in Adobe Illustrator.
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See you all next month the fatter bees, better and better!


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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 55 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

It has been two years already?
Niceeee :) 🍰

how can you say so! it were damn full of efforts and events, two years. veeeery long!
ps. I've encountered such a lovely (pregnant) kitty today, she posed me for shadow hunting -- like it a lot, included as always into a post fresh today's photo.
pps. Happy Easter to you!! -- !ENGAGE 50

I love tha fatter bees 🐝

me too!! but as I have no bees around, had to use for post decoration the photo of a FAT pregnant kitty I met today :=)

Congratulations @qwerrie! You received a personal badge!

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May the Hive Power be with you!

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