Cryptobrewmaster: Cool > $10 by selling beer.

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You heard it right that I have just made more than $10 by playing crytobrewmaster. Cryptobrewmaster is a nice game where we craft beer and sell the beer of CBM.
For crafting beer we have to complete the quest and gather the ingredients. According to the quality of ingredients, quality of beer is also determined. Quality of beer is determined by the quality of ingredients and some random luck chance.


As you already see in highlighted that I have collected more than 1000 CBM so I decided to withdraw them.



Now let see what the price of the CBM.


So bid price of CBM was .04751 so 1000 CBM is at least equivalent to 47.5 Hive. I checked coingecko's site and I found that Hive is currently trading at $.269 so value of 47.5 hive is 47.5*.269 = $12.77 .

So I have earned a nice little amount and I invite you guys to try this game .

PS: This is my referral link.

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Wow, great work. I have reached only 600 CBM so far. I made a mistake by clicking the Finish button when it was introduced. There I lost around 200 CBM tokens.

Great job in reaching 1000 CBM already. Cheers !BEER.

I also used it couple of times. I never thought that "one gold" coin will be equivalent to 1 CBM.

Oh you also used it. Nice. I'm wondering how you were able to complete 1000 CBM already and I'm only at 600 CBM now. 😀

Rarely missed the game quest and I was also lucky with some brew that turned out of higher quality than the normal ones.

That's nice. I will be patient for a few more days to reap my profit. 😄

sweeeet going there and congrats on the work!

I am around 250 CBM atm after about a week so not too shabby! I am not sure to withdraw or save them for when more features come out so I am the first one to get them haahaha

It is kind of testing of withdrawal process also. Game interface looks cool and soothing to eyes and it is an overall very nice game with an interesting concept.

exactly...what not to love about making beer!

I just started playing this game and am still working out strategy. For now it's just about trying to brew some beer. I guess the better quality ingredients may give beer with a better return.

Have a !BEER on me

Better quality give better chance of better brew. Did you notice the %chances of "quality of beer" with your ingredients at bottom of "brew" pop up window.

Welcome to this nice game.

There are various numbers on the screens that I am trying to understand. There does not seem to be a help page for the game.


I am talking about highlighted number. You should join discord channel for any help. Since game is in alpha phase so many functionality will be added later on. (so you are in right time to understand the game.) Currently you go to "Pub" and do quest for ingredients in "Bulletin Board" . Once you collected all 5 ingredients then go to "Beer house " to brew the beer.

Once brew is completed you can claim your Beer when you claim you will get to know the quality of beer.

You can sell this Beer in "Pub" by clicking the "machine" placed near the bartender.
If you are running short in energy(I do not think you will run short because everyone get's 1 energy per hour and it's enough) then you can click on bartender to get the energy.

At any moment if you want to know what ingredients do you have (or unsold beer too) then you can click on "backpack" icon on the lower right hand side of the screen.

Thanks. I had found the quests to get ingredients. I've gained a few CBM tokens from selling my beer already.

What is the meaning of those numbers?
Which one represent the quality of BEER?

These number represent probability. You can get different quality of beer even using same ingredients every time. Right now I did not put any ingredients that's why all are zero but when you add all 5 ingredients you will find these number will add to 100%.

What is the means of different letters ?

Excellent @r1s2g3, congratulations!

With the recent changes in SL, I think I should start to see some games with different eyes.

Can you tell me if you get paid to enter? Did you invest anything so that you could receive these 1000 tokens to be able to withdraw?

I will enter your link, but I await your answers and thanks, I like to see your posts regarding games.

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It is free to play game. I did not get paid neither did I paid anything to start playing this game.

Actually I started this game from it's first day. Good thing is that this game do not consume time as such but in other hand some quest run for couple of hours to complete so you have to wait to start another quest.

There are some quest that require CBM also but you can skip them. It will be easier to understand once you join them.

It is in alpha release but developer plan to integrate this game with some "real" brewers and beer lover in real world.

Great, so I'll find out by playing. Thanks for making me interested in the game.

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Oh this is great I will haven't earn a single penny yet this is great ⁦✌️⁩🙏🎉

Just keep doing your daily quest. I like the interface of this game and completing the quest daily when I have no idea that game will pay CBM coins for playing.

Yes I am doing that but bot regularly, I will try to be regeular.

I have just started playing.
I noticed that there are still a lot of things coming soon.
I can not wait to see how this game develops.

yes , let see how 95% left will be developed. I am optimistic about it.

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