BRO-FI - I've not announced it yet because we're still testing it.

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So we're testing out BRO FI right now.

Technically I shouldn't even be talking about this right now but it's in the Man Cave server and everyone's talking about it and testing it out to see what they can get. So I thought I'd push it out a little further to anyone that wants to give it a test. The idea being the more the merrier, but then again, remember, we are working on bug fixes.

So what the hell is BRO FI and why the hell should I give you anything?

Okay, so, Bro Fi is basically delegation mining with a twist. Here is how it works for the non coders (like me) in the simplest explanation I can give you.

  1. You can delegate one (or several) of your tokens to @brofi. You may also delegate hive too!

  2. Every token that is delegated has a pool. For instance, right now there is CTP, LEO, STEM, NEOXAG, HIVE, LOTUS, PAL, CCC, WEED that are available. When you delegate a token to @brofi it joins the pool

  3. Each pool has an allocated amount of BRO that people can earn daily from. For instance the top pool right now is LEO and that earns 8 BRO daily -- and that is split by the amount / size of delegations.

  4. People that own BRO can vote on which pools they would like to see earning the most. This is determined by the amount of BRO held. So for instance someone like @themarkymark that comes along and votes can have massive sway because his vote is worth around 7000, in comparison to someone that had only 100.

  5. If you've delegated then every day you will earn BRO -- providing it is an active pool

  6. We will use the rewards generated from Brofi to buy Bro back off the Market.

And that's it. An explanation that even your Gran can understand if she was a Hivean!

Just remember we're still in the testing phase. Things may likely break, and this is why I haven't announced it fully yet. But please feel free to come in and test it -- the pools are getting fully used.


Q. "Where can I join the man cave server?"


Q. "Your server is rubbish / I don't like Discord / I don't like people -- but I like the idea of Brofi. How do I participate without joining a bunch of lunatics?"

A. Easy. Just delegate one of the mentioned tokens above to the account @brofi -- and done. Earn BRO. Sit back, relax.

Q. "DEFI is a scam. You are a scam. How is this not a scam?"

A. We don't take any of your tokens. You just lease them to us. If you don't like it then feel free to undelegate. Boom, zero risk whatsoever.

Q. "Great, how often do I earn BRO?"

A. Daily.

Q. "Why do I need to vote? What is that?"

A. You don't need to vote really. Voting is for owners of BRO. The pool rewards are reduced by half from top to bottom. So the top pool earns 8 BRO, and the second pool earns 4, and so on. BRO owners can vote to tip the balance.

Q. "What is the minimum I can delegate in?"

A. 0.00000001 CCC. But don't expect to earn much! (if at all)

Q. "I have heard BRO is fixed supply. Doesn't that mean you'll run out?"

A. Nope. Will be buying back BRO regularly from the market.

Any more questions? Just remember, we haven't officially released it yet, come in and have a bit of testing - or lease your coins to us. That's it for now!

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It's very exciting!

I will definitely delegate some of my tokens.

How do I participate without joining a bunch of lunatics?


Server can get a bit brash at times. It's not for everyone haha. Looking forward to having your tokens :)

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not deleting so that we can learn a lesson to first research and then ask :)

How can you delegate a token that is not hive?
sorry for the stupid question .. I saw that we can delegate leo from - what about other tokens?

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Okay, nice call :)

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All the best mate, joining soon.

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This is awesome news!

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I know right? :)

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Delegated some tokens! Good luck with the project guys!

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Good luck with earning some BRO :)

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This project is looking really cool. It doesn't get much easier then doing a simple delegation.

Cool huh? Would you believe that we have two more unique releases in the pipeline? ;)

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This is great sir Thanks a lot for the earring opportunity for all the user this is Great

Thank @taskmanager - he is the brains behind it all :)

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Looks like I will have to be delegating some WEED!

Gimmie all your weed! Haha

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I think I might have to try this. Although, one more question: why do I want to own BRO?

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Holding BRO pays out daily dividends. So for example if you buy 100 BRO then you receive a cut of our mining output & curation. And we own a LOT of stuff ;)

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Got it. I just delegated some Hive, Leo, Stem, Neoxag, and CTP....thanks!

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Sounds great , already delegated some tokens :) Good luck with this

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Nice! Enjoy BRO :)

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Will do a post next week detailing the returns for delegations in each token .

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Hell yeah!

Just delegated some of my holding! Sounds awesome!

And look at the price of BRO hehehe!

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I know, @chronocrypto bought up all the remaining tokens which sent the price skyrocketing lol

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so just delegate any Token or Hive to @brofi and the party starts?

You got it! As long as it's one of the mentioned tokens above! Read the post again and see :)

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Ah, I didn't really see that it is Tokens that are possible to delegate only, makes sense of course :D. Unlucky POB is undelegatable, it seems I'm getting some value in that Token and I would love to get some dividends from it. For most other Tokens it does not seem worth it for me, at least for now.

Your choice my man :)

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Very interesting and very useful project.
This project is also a solution to use all the voting power related to a second layer token.
I will definitely delegate some tokens

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Hey @raymondspeaks, here is a little bit of BEER from @libertycrypto27 for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Nice...very nice. Just delegated some and excited to be a part of the pool :)

Just amazing!

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That is pretty awesome. I am going to dig into this a bit more. It would be really cool if you included SPORTS in there. I might be all in on that! It is really hard to keep a secret about anything around here isn't it!

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I just delegated a bunch of tokens ;)

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delegated some STEM, NEOXAG, HIVE, PAL, CCC let's see how it works :D

Some of the coins will be better used by you then me, so there is nothing to lose :D

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This can let some of those low liquidity tokens like CTP & stem explode lol. Very good for the market on hive engine!

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I just delegated some HIVE and LEO to join the fun! Thanks for this project ;)

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For instance the top pool right now is LEO and that earns 8 BRO daily

The number of BRO is fixed or it increases with more delegation ? Basically, how is the reward associated with delegation and how it changes over time ?

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How frequently does the voting takes place for pools?
And will there be an interface to see live APY for each pool?

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This looks really interesting! Quick question, is there a way to see which pools are active?

interesting i will join

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What if an idiot accidently stakes a token to @brofi instead of delegating? Asking for a friend :)

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How do you delegate tokens?

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I delegated some HIVE BRO to the moon!