Tracking ETH Gas Fees

Oh! My goodness how I feel so happy and fulfilled now I know how I can track the ETH gas fees to know when its the right time to mint or not. There has been a lot of NFTs being released and most of them have not been disclosed yet interns of utilities. So minting it kind of puts you in a state of blank awareness towards what the utility is going to be. I wrote a post yesterday about some NFTs and how I have minted them without knowing what their utilities, well, here I am with another one, its the Zora native NFT called breathe in. breathe out. enjoy. repeat.
Screenshot 20230316 at 7.47.37 AM.png
What a funny title right? Zora has been doing a campaign regarding its NFT, and has been hinting on “Enjoy”, could that be the name of their upcoming token? Who knows? But then they made their NFT available for minting and it was for free. Zora is an NFT marketplace where you can mint NFTs and also buy and sell NFTs, but the project has been silent about its plans, dropping subtle hints, first its some big wrap billboard like advert about Zora seen on the streets, talking about enjoying ethereum. This advert was found in the streets, and once again, no much details were given about the project, just come and mint the free Zora NFT, that’s all.

Will there be airdrop like Blur? I dont know because ever since blur came up with its strategy to displace OpenSea, other NFT market places are working hard to do the same. Currently I have minted 4 NFTs off Zora, and I love them, but today I minted 2 of the Zora breathe in. breathe out. enjoy. repeat. NFT. But I had to track the Ethereum GWEI to know when its low so I could mint. Usually during the day the GWEI is at 25 - 35 GWEI, at this time it is excessively too high. Gas fee ranges from $12 and above, most times I mint at that price because I thought it was impossible to mint at a lower GWEI. But today I woke up in the midnight and saw the gas fees at 17 GWEI which was fantastically lower than other times. When I wanted to mint it was $3.25, I was so excited imagine someone that was used to minting at $8 - $12 now minting at $3.25.

If you want to track the ETH GWEI, use the ether scan and check as the top left corner of the site and you will see the GWEI, as you can see the gas fee from the screenshot above is 16 GWEI, what a low number. Now I know this, I am going to make sure I utilise every bit of it and stop wasting my money minting at high gas fee times.

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