Token Pocket Token (TPT) || Token launched on BSC || Worth it?

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Token Pocket, a decentralized application which has been developing its userbase over the time. I have been using it for few months now. Since, I am getting involved with quite a lot of projects, I had to find a suitable place to hold my tokens and also have access to them whenever I can. Mobile phone is among that, which makes it easier to get hold of my crypto assets. Whenever I am out of my home this app is probably my go to app, to actually see what is happening with my assets. Now this is not a review, I am just sharing my experience with ya'all.

Token Pocket has launched their utility token TPT on BSC network. If I am being honest I was really excited about it. That much excited where I purchased some coins of TPT as soon as I saw it. You might call me why am I so much excited about it? Well, here are few reasons behind it.


Before I continue here are some of the most delicate information about Token Pocket Token on BSC network.

  • Official address:
  • Multi-chain, security and convenience, the portal of DApp
  • Open Source

  • Total Supply: 5,900,000,000 TPT
  • Current Holders only : 1,166 addresses
  • Smart contract address (BSC) : 0xeca41281c24451168a37211f0bc2b8645af45092
  • BSC Explorer :

Announcement of TPT, in Twitter!

The very first reason why I am excited about is

  • My User Experienece :

Believe me as a mobile user, I do not think there is any other Dapp which can give you access to almost all the renowned blockchain in under one hood. Yup, you are reading it right. I used the ETH blockchain, Trx Blockchain, BSC network, Dot Network, IOST and even BTC wallets can be created/imported here respectively. I am satisfied, with the UI and the overall services which they are providing. I have not faced no issue so far.

  • Missing opportunity

Few weeks back, I saw Trust Wallet releasing their token. Believe me I have seen it at its lowest. Which is around $0.003. And now it is being traded above $0.5. Can you imagine what chance I missed! Yeah, now I could have had millions, if only I would have bought TWT in early phase. I do not want to regret that so you may call it an early investment compared to that.

  • Almost everything in one place

Nothing is secured 100%. But we do try our best with the free versions that are available at our disposal. This Dapp is probably the best for that. Do try it out.


How to buy TPT on BSC ?

Currently you can purchase them on Pancakeswap. A Dex on BSC network. Currently 1 TPT is being traded at $0.055. Which is so far decent IMO. I am not really sure what its future is going to be. But what I have seen with other Dapp's tokens, these things usually sky rocket in a very short amount of time. So, you never know.

Visit and use the contract address of TPT 0xeca41281c24451168a37211f0bc2b8645af45092 and you may select the pair which you want to trade with. I would suggest go with BNB or with BUSD. Or else with any other pair it might cost you a lot in terms of price impact. So also keep that in mine.


Well, this is it for now. I just shared my opionion regarding the token. Not a financial advice of any sorts. DYOR!!

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Best regards

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I've been using the Trust Wallet mostly, but it does lack a few chains! Time to give Tocken pocket a go I guess then :D

I think you are going to like it ;)

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Thanks Rehan and I hope it increases wildly

I hope it increases wildly Me too Sayee ;)

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Nice! I like their mobile app a lot

Same here buddy!

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I have been using Token Pocket for quite some time now. I use it to do a lot of stuff with my EOS account on my mobile phone. It is really handy. Between that and Wombat those are my two most favorite wallets for EOS related stuff. It is too bad that they didn't give some kind of airdrop or something. That would have been a nice find in my wallet!

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