$100-$300 Strategy every Month...Year Long Plan...

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At this moment we can certainly say, we are going through a very critical time! Nothing seems to be certain, what will happen in the very next day. To be more precise, we can either go up (BULL) or we can do into the bear zone. Although, the crypto community seems to be handling the situation for now. Not that much PANIC is happening, like it was suppose to but yet the commotion is there and we might see a sudden bear drift pretty soon. Apart from all this, I came up with an idea of creating a portfolio of mine using a 12 month strategy. Let's dig into it.


Let's not forget, we are going through a tough time and at any point we might see the flip of the coin! Better be prepared for any sort of scenario! At current stage, I would like to go with a $100 strategy. Since it would be easier to explain. Before I go further, I would like to keep in mind, I am focusing on increasing my crypto assets (not in stable coins but in altcoins).

  • Buying $100 worth of coins every month!

New motion in progress, new plan on the road. Since this plan will be year long plan, lets design it with outmost possibilities and I will not keep it in my mind of profiting from it. The ideology of this investment would be "the money is gone!". The list of coins that I want to grab in the next coming months

  • Matic

Since ETH is still having the trouble of Gas fees, being an issue MATIC seems to be adopting in a huge scale. The low gas fees and the chain security is attracting users from all across places. The recent few adoptions of big institutions has given Matic a chance to be globally adopted for its use cases. Who knows as the dev behind is implying Matic as the competitor of ETH, this could be the next big game for us all. Better not be late at it.

  • Cake

When there is big money involved, the coin is bound to take a positive move. Pancakeswap, is going to be big in the coming days. With lots of ups and downs it has seen some significant improvements over the time. Also, Binance is going to make or take this coin to a certain level of possibilities. It is now wonder how far Binance can really go in order to keep its value of the coin. And every week they are buying CAKE and burning it, which also is one of the reason for acquiring it into my portfolio.

  • Solana

It is still undervalued compared to BSC and ETH network. Although the progress of solana has been huge in the last couple of weeks and there is no doubt Solana has a lot to improve in the coming days. I would definitely keep some of it into my portfolio as well.

  • WAX

The wax blockchain has been growing everyday! NFT market is going to be phenomenon in the coming days. No wonder the currency backing it up is going to see a big flux of use cases and might be something big which could eventually be a good long term investment for me ;)

cryptocurrency-3412233_1280 (2).jpg

Apart from all these I want to acquire :

  • MANA
  • ADA
  • DOT
  • SXP
  • AVA
  • LINK
  • BTC
  • ETH

and looooooooooooots of HIVE ;)

I may as well call it a new year resolution or a target to reach to after a year. I am still not certain if it will be even possible or not. But keeping a certain type of goal might a way to motivate myself to grow my portfolio for the future. Who knows, this might also act as a retirement money for myself at some point.


Do you have any plans for the coming days?

Disclaimer: This post is just my pov! Not any kind of financial advice!

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Best regards

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Your Plan is so cool

I'm doing it on a small scale, with a $10 investment each week, but even now I'm seeing small but steady results.

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What do you see in Hive that makes it worth regular investments?

I too will be investing regularly. I am just curious what others see as the opportunity with Hive.

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