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RE: FREE Splinterlands Voucher Inside (Used To Purchase Chaos Legion Packs)

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Options Five

  • Vouchers will be worth Over $6.00 USD

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EASILY over $6.00.

I will even say over $10

Time will tell :)

They very well could be very expensive.

30+ hive so far.

Will the price hold up?

definitely not !! i say it should be trading for aroud 20 hive only !! 30 is just HUGE FOMO

I would take Option Five but would say Voucher would be around 10 to 12$ Each !

I bet they sell for more than land retailed by then end.

Its possible that they do.

Too many hungry people and too much FOMO. Between the card-design chasers and those like me that just want in, there simply isn't enough to go around. Aggroed's pleas for moderation are going to go completely unheeded. I can see it easily surpassing $10 as that's where I might start thinking twice about it.

If Vouchers get crazy high, I might be a seller instead of a pack purchaser.

We don't have to wait long to find out.

Nope, I figure by the time I have a bundle of 5 vouchers ready, I'll know whether I'll be buying missing vouchers, or trying to make deals with the the high rollers chasing the card design opportunity reward.

After all, I've stated my modest goals enough times.

If the bot comes around, thanks! Also, might want to look at the voucher listing on Hive-Engine. It looks like this contest may be

Yeah, I knew about the voucher listings. Looks like the price is already lowering and trading hasn't even started yet. There was two 10 voucher orders at 20 HIVE but they have been removed. Currently top buy order is for one Voucher at the price of 20 HIVE. The price drops to 15 HIVE and much lower with just a handful of sales.

The bottom visible listing is 550 vouchers @ 10.1 hive. (edit: ...or was, I think it slipped off the bottom.)

Thanks for the info, I never seen that. If I was to make a guess here (using the current limited activity for Vouchers on Hive-Engine as my only reasoning), 20 HIVE might be too much to pay for vouchers. The removal of previous orders at that price could indicate as much. The five hive drop to 15 is the next purchase order. Then it quickly drops to 10 HIVE. If 10 HIVE is where the first big order is then 10 HIVE might be the sweet spot and the peak that gets the most sales. BUT where does the price go from there? Back up, keeps crawling down and will those numbers hold up until the date of 10/24/2021 which is the date a winner is picked in this raffle. There's allot to consider.

That's very possible.

From a game theoretic perspective, it pretty much only makes sense to vote this. If it is less than $6, you lose, at most, $5.99. And if it is worth more, then you actually get a shot at voucher.

Sure but you forgot to consider the odds of winning the raffle itself. So far the odds for winning Option Five Raffle would be 1/28 but if a voucher was under $1.00 USD the odds of winning a voucher would be 1/3 (only three upvotes qualify for Raffle One so far). More upvotes are likely to come in so those percentages will vary.

Didn't forget, it just feels insignificant. Best case, 1/3 of $1 is 0.33. Sure, 6/29 (current upvotes and worst case scenario) is $0.21. But if I now vote $1, and it best case is $1, that's $0.25. And that's best case. As opposed to worst case of $6.

Will bet on this option

I would have sad over 6 USD, but was off yesterday. WoW what is going on

Insanity is going on...

30+ HIVE each so far. I'm not sure where it peaked.

According to Hive-Engine it peaked at 38 Hive, but it normalized a bit now... down to 25-ish


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I would like to say around 4-6 because the price of the pack is $4. But the real reason people are buying presale is because of the promos and other bonuses so I would say over $6.

it's over $6 now...

Correct but that price can change by the end date of this contest.

Contest was created before Voucher drop.

over $6 with ease

Defo this one. Unfortunately :) lol

Late to the party but its definitely over $6 😂