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The above definition of Shill ( sounds so negative. Most the internet world who do shill fall under the above definition. While most in internet land frown upon shilling activities I (@rentmoney) in this post welcome any and all shilling. What I am after is information about your Hive Blog but feel free to shill anything you like that will help you fill your shilling desires.

Readers: "Why Shill Our Blogs?"

Short Answer: "RentMoney Is Lazy."

Long Answer:

I spent a decent amount of time yesterday reading, commenting and upvoting the content of those who routinely give support to my Hive content. When I do this I routinely miss out on some awesome content some of yous are creating. I thought to ones self: "Self, how do I cover more content in less time?". Now I don't always have great ideas but at that very moment a light bulb went off and thus the idea for this positively influenced shill post. Yous are free to shill any type of blog you wish (bonus points if you are shilling someone else) but keep in mind we are on the Hive network and shilling a Hive Network blog is likely the best play to make.

For example is your favorite topic finance and your favorite blog site If so lets hear about it in the comment section below. Do you routinely use the blog frontend to blog about the awesome Hive game known as Splinterlands (I want to hear about that to) or perhaps you are a blogger who likes to blog about general gaming in the 1UP Tribe. Whatever your cup a tea I want a drink of it. Shill away my friends, shill away. Rentmoney being lazy isn't the only reason for shilling your blog (or a friends blog) below in the comment section.

Alternative Motive: I hope to accomplish an alternative motive. That motive is: hopefully others who participate in shilling activities here today will read your blog description and head on over to your blog to see what the fuss is all about. If they do so you just might find yourself getting a new follower or blog supporter. So if you are going to shill please take a moment to read the shilling of others. You never know, you might find something that is of interest.

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IF you are lazy just put those that comment here on autovote = 90% on hive signer and go back to bed or what ever lazy people do....ha. You should check out @artgrafiken @darkflame @offgridlife @drutter to name a few accounts that put out good stuffs.
Mongers of information they be... and laughts.

Thanks for the shout out, I do try to share information that is helpful. To me at least :D !PIZZA Glad someone out there is listening @marshmellowman !BEER

Most defiantly you have helped me as well, hence the shout out. Cheers !PIZZA !BEER

I started blogging around 40/50 days ago about Splinterlands and I'm trying to blog something different, light content, no money or renting related, just something to read to laugh or interviews to increase the interactions around Splinterlands.

For example, the first interview was an experiment and I interviewed myself to try the format, then I interviewed an awesome Twitch streamer "ForeverAverage" and the next interview will be with a Telegram staff member...

I'm trying (in my small world) to bring Splinterlands to the next level, not only a Play2Earn game but a game with an interesting and funny community because I think fun posts and memes should never be underestimated on the internet world.

Awesome to achieve an alternative motive.

@emeka4(1/1) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

Thanks for the !LUV.

Since I'm a fan of Splinterlands, most of my blog is about that subject. I thought I would shill the various Splinterlands giveaways I do, but then I thought, "Why not go for the bonus points?" So, I'm going to shill @rosiew's blog instead. Most of her posts are also about Splinterlands, but more than that, her blog is very well written. Informative and entertaining are the best ways to describe her posts. Go check it out, I'll be waiting here to receive your deepest gratitude for the recommendation.

Ahhhh Gregory! Thank you SO MUCH!! I have been working on a post to put up for sooo long it has held me up, kept me from getting over here and checking comments and things. It's more personal that most but still about Splinterlands and I may scrap it as it's holding me back from other things.

Then I come to read this, and you have encouraged me that I should go forward. It is hard to be vulnerable, but I think it makes the best writing when a person is authentic. I will try to make it a goal today to post it, because I think it's incredibly important in this market right now. :)

You have truly made my whole year and I mean that because I want to make blogging part of my job and life, and to know that you believe in me is what I needed today and will need. I will screen shot your comment and keep it dear to me to keep me going. :) Thank you, Gregory!! Please send my best to your family! :)

I use Ecency to blog about both Splinterlands and general gaming, and of course about other things, for example about everyday life.

Good luck and have fun.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.



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I've started blogging recently about Splinterlands. I'll be posting later today about a simple suggestion to improve player retention and the reward feedback loop. I have a post about card flipping in the post Chaos Legion release market that I'm proud of and might still be worth a read. In the future (with nicer weather) I'll expand into blogging about my dogs, homesteading, gardening, and disc golf.

You have focsed on an important issue. This shilling method can be good to find out post of interest very soon.

Shrill your blog... or PIMP it! (As part of my weekly leofinance post a few hours ago, I just blogged about enginewitty's new community, PIMP, yesterday which has the same purpose. See here)

As for shrilling other people: the community I mod, BlockChain Poets. I don't know if you like poetry, @rentmoney, but if you do (or if others reading this do) then we get some great ones posted. Please go read some and upvote some of our poets. Bonus, if you write one, I give away some Hive SBI and CCC each week to our poets.


Honestly, without shilling, there are lots of projects, info, people, etc. That I would not have been aware of. But if done in spammy ways, it gets annoying, haha.

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That's really negative, shill.

I always take some time to seek out new blogs and content to follow and upvote here on hive. There are so many great creators and people joining all the time that it can become difficult to find new content that I enjoy.

Shilling can for sure have a negative sound and a lot of people tend to think of it in a negative way and relate it to spam. I think that shilling if done properly and done well can be very effective and a great marketing tool.

I mostly post about my small business and the projects I'm working on and my photography.

I do video blogs once a week over on 3speak. Been keeping it up reasonably consistently, even if there isn't really anything to talk about.

I generally just blab on about anything and everything, it's just about the most talking I ever really do in life being a gremlin who only goes outside maybe 3 times a year.

Also I'm known for weird faces and silly things, my thumbnails should be self explanitory.

Communities I run: Gridcoin (GRC)(PeakD) / Gridcoin (GRC) (| Fish Keepers (PeakD) / Fish Keepers (
Check out my gaming stream on VIMM.TV | Vote for me as a Hive witness! and Hive-engine witness!

You don't know my blog by now?...
Hmmm :D.

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Play Splinterlands as well as Rising Star and create posts related to both of those Hive games. I also make fun posts on miscellaneous topics that I think of.

I'm in the selling mood today, so I will selfishly pump my own blog. I have been on for close to 4 years now, attended 1 Steemfest (Krakow in 2018), and have been hard at work being one of the resident nerds here on the chain.

I mostly blog about the cool and interesting aspects and product at my shop, Conquest Comics which is a gigantic comic and toy shop. I cover all the weekly comics and toys each week, while sprinkling in pieces about my pups, life in general, or my passion in collecting which is original comic art.

So if you like some weird nerdy stuff in your feed, I am your guy. If you hate the strange...stay far away!!!


I think I am probably the only person on Hive shilling nudism. It's a lonely job but someone has to do it.