🔥 You should NEVER sell your airdrop!

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As @oldtimer says, you should NEVER sell your airdrop! And specially if it is from the Leofinance team.
This happened the first time they airdropped LEO to the PAL hodlers, and most of them dumped the tokens in the first week.

I wouldn't do it this time with the CUB airdrop. I received 167 CUB from the snapshot, and I am compounding them with my stack for even more CUB.



I'm sure you read the roadmap for Cub Finance, if not, you should check it here: https://docs.cubdefi.com

  • Audits
  • Collaborations
  • Tribe Dens
  • Layered Farming
  • The bLEO Bridge
  • CUB Staking
  • bLEO Pools
  • Governance

From all this list I'm really excited for Layered Farming and the bLEO Bridge. The audits are a must, specially if you want to be a referent in the DeFi space.

Road to 1,000 CUB staked


150 CUB more to the first stop. In a couple of days I should be there!

CUB Stats

This stats are not as cool as the ones @dalz does, but they are quite informative too.

*The number of hodlers is probably higher, however this is the info I can see in https://bscscan.com easily.

Keep stacking! 😊


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Do you think the price is up again to 10$ ?

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I am not sure what will happen to the price.
What I am sure is the LEO hodlers are one of the strongest hands in crypto. They are not going to sell if it dips for a while.
I will be hodling CUB too, there are some new features that will be added to cub finance that will be really valuable!

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