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RE: Decentralized Finance Is The Future

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I think the future of DEFI is certain - The trick is figuring out which blockchain(s) are going to survive and thrive.

Personally I wouldn't bet against ETH in the long term, or Rune and some of the other 'smaller' alternatives - I have this feeling BSC's days are numbered, if that's even DEFI, personally I don't think it even counts!

I actually kind of miss Blockbusters you know!

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Well, blockbuster was next to Baskin Robbins, and whoever went with Mom to pick out movies got that or some Nachos from 7 Eleven. But still... even Crackle is more convenient.

Why do you thing BSC day's are numbered?

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Yup that's Blockbuster.

BSC is centralised basically, I think actual DEFI will win out in the end! It's popular now because it's cheap!

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Thanks for your response.