How to Buy, Transfer and Stake UST to Anchor....

I finally got around to swapping some BUSD for UST, transferring that across to the Terra Network and staking said UST to the Anchor protocol for a tasty 19% annual return...

UST is a fully decentralised, algorithmically stabilised stablecoin which maintains its $US peg due through seignorage via buying and burning Terra, the token that secures the wider Terra Network.

You can find out more about how all that works here, but suffice to say for now UST is an attractive option for a stable coin to hold if you're uneasy about the risks of holding fiat-collateralised stables such as USDT/ USDC and BUSD, if indeed any of them actually collateralised.

Below is just a quick guide on how to get started staking UST:

  1. Downloading and installing the Terrastation browser wallet application.
  2. Bridging across from Binance Smart Chain to the Terra Station wallet.
  3. Staking UST to Anchor.

It really is THAT simple!

The above covers how I got my UST to Anchor, there are other ways, this is just one of them, see further links below for other posts with a broader coverage of some of these stages.

NB I've only stake $15, I always move around relatively small sums when I'm trying out something new±

Downloading and Installing TerraStation Browser App

I visited the Chrome store to download and install the Terrastation Browser Wallet.

If you're used to other browser wallets it works in a very similar way, you create a password, generate a new wallet (or recover an already existing one if this isn't your first time), back up your keys and then you're good to go....

It works with both Chrome and Brave and is straightforward enough:

Screenshot 2021-10-17 at 11.43.32.png

The screenshot above shows it with some of the assets I've got - when you stake your UST it shows up as aUST in your wallet, not that you can do anything with it, the 'tokens' section above is basically your savings account on Anchor, so when you stake Luna (the liquid token) it becomes bluna (the bonded token).

I transferred the Luna from Binance but the UST I transferred from BSC....

Bridging UST from Binance Smart Chain to Terra

Another VERY simple step in process.

Once you have swapped some other tokens for UST on Binance Smart Chain (you can use good old Pancake Swap for this) you can then use the Terra Bridge to send that UST from BSC to the Terra network.

All you need to do is to connect BSC via MetaMask and the type in your TerraStation wallet address.

Screenshot 2021-10-17 at 13.26.40.png

The fees are minimal and it takes just a couple of minutes to transfer over.

Interestingly I couldn't add UST to the TerraStation wallet first of all, but it added itself once I'd transferred the money over.

Staking UST to Anchor

This is the simplest step of all...

Screenshot 2021-10-17 at 13.29.47.png

You just need to got to the Anchor Web App and go the 'earn tab' then connect your TerraStation Wallet and click deposit.

That's it - UST staked and earning you 19% a year! As I understand it you earn rewards in Anchor token, which you can also stake.

Final Thoughts

This was a very simple process, quite fast transactions and reasonably cheap TX fees.

I also like the clean interfaces of both the TerraStation Wallet and the Anchor Protocol, and I can foresee myself staking plenty more UST going forwards!

I also staked some actual LUNA too, although I'm not sure that was a good idea (a luna-tic idea GROAN), I don't think the returns are that great?

Find out More

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UST is by far the leading stablecoin right now.

Algorithmic, putting it out of the reach of US regulators and thanks to LUNA, it's actually stable.

There's no reason that HBD can't join it, but with our stability issues (obviously not ideal for a stablecoin haha), it's just not quite at the level of UST yet.

When you add the 20% you can get on Anchor, there's really no comparison.

I keep asking this question, but haven't really found an answer:

Why don't the Hive witnesses change the HBD interest to 20%?

Surely the fact we are an algorithmic stablecoin and match the current best stablecoin staking returns would see the story go viral on CoinTelegraph and the like.

Anyway, that's all well above my paygrade haha.

Great article, keep it up!

PS. Thanks for sharing those links <3

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The whole UST process was really smooth and I intend to transfer more over very soon in fact,

I don't think the Witnesses are against increasing the HBD interest, it's more of a case of wait and see how it goes ATM.

TBH if all I'm doing is putting my earnings into savings, it doesn't matter too much if HBD is 100% stable anyway, but it would be nice if it were.

Maybe the issue is just lack of liquidity to correct the speculation on the price? I'm sure I saw that mentioned in one of the DEV meetings, and the proposed solution is to take on more HBD debt.

I am in the process to build up my stablecoin portfolio and I need to bookmark your post. All the information that's needed to buy UST on Binance and stake of Anchor is present here, so this guideline should get the job done!

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Hey cheers, I've dithered over this for weeks, but now I've finally gotten around to doing it, it was easy!

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

I will try that for sure.

I'll probably be throwing some that way too. Out of USDT into UST.

I was just hoping to be able to do it from the Keplr wallet / Cosmos side to avoid setting up yet another wallet.

I don't think you can yet, I haven't noticed any such option on Kepler yet, but setting up Terra Station was a breeze, honestly!

I have been meaning to do the same but just am not getting around to it. I did buy a bit of LUNA to confirm my interest and help me dive a bit into the whole ecosystem, its fascinatingng

Yes pretty much what I did - I staked my Luna too, not a great return, but then the value of that is supposed to go up!

I think there's some sort of airdrop coming in November to Luna Stakers and ATOM too - so best to stake it before the end of this month.

I've got some UST waiting to be transferred over.

Honestly, just do it, won't take you long!

The biggest time consumer is securing your keys to yet another new wallet offline which unfortunately does involve getting off your arse!