Is now a good time to buy Hive?

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A!fter that recent pump - all the way up to $0.80, Hive is now looking cheap!

It sounds crazy, with Hive having spent the best part of the previous year down at $0.10 - $0.15 and having gone all the way down to 300 SATs, that now I'm thinking it sounds cheap at around $0.55

I just have this strange feeling that once the whole DEFI craze dies down people are going to start looking for 'real' projects to pile into which offer a 'realistic' return for their Vest, and Hive is one of those projects, with multiple ways to earn a 15% APY, and more in some cases.

Then there's the fact that the HBD pump means I seem to be earning more when I sell it for Hive (I tend to just sell all my HBDs on the internal market!

And there was the recent news from @blocktrades about the shift away from the non linear rewards curve to a straight 50-50 'kickback' curve, which will, I believe encourage people to hold onto their Hive.

And of course the underlying Fundamentals are just as strong as ever.

I'm tempted to take some of my stables and 'buy back' some Hive.

Or maybe I'm just being totally subjective here - I'm not far off 70K Hive and that's a nice target which is well within reach, and 70K isn't that far off 100K, which also feels kind of close?!?

What do you think? Is now a good time to accumulate a little more Hive, or is it going to go lower?!?

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Looks like it should find support at that 50 cent level from the long term trend line. But this is crypto so anything can happen. IMO 2$ in 8 weeks is a more likely outcome than 30 cents; but everyone has an opinion.


$2 in 8 weeks - that would be INSANE!

lol yes it would .

One interesting variable to throw in is that HBD is back up to $1.7 (what dip lol); so the HBD stabilizer fund is going to be buying a fk load of Hive at these prices in the dip and taking them off the exchanges (34k USD worth at $1.7 HBD so that's 68k Hive at day at $0.5) . This has inflation running negative on Hive at the moment. Next Hive pump could be sooner and harder than people think; particularly with the associated airdrop fomo when the 3Speak white paper is released.

Yes I'm waiting for the 3Speak thing, I hope that set back hasn't put them too far behind!

id say so yeah. Its just a FUD moment. Might take a few weeks but next month we will be back on a rampage i think. Not financial advice.

I'm still a Hive Believer!

Much more optimistic about Hive than LEO!

Really? what makes you less positive about LEO?

  1. The content is generally awful, I mean REALLY bad for the most part.
  2. A huge whale controls a massive chunk of the stake and seems to be hell-bent on sending all shit leo-shill posts to trending
  3. I'm not that into finance TBH! (A personal one)
  4. For all the talk of 'community community community' - at the end of the day - people are there to make a profit, when their sell targets come, they will sell sell sell. People all say 'LEO LEO LEO' but that's all a bit fake I think.
  5. I can't shake this feeling that it's kind of a 'bolt on' project - a very good bolt on, but it can't stand alone like Hive.

Hive is obviously more generalised in terms of content, and is actually a blockchain too!

The good thing for me is that I stacked a lot of LEO (I'm still not even sure why) and I'm not really that attached to it, so it's a nice pot for me to sell off gradually.

But I'm still intent on holding at least 30Ks.

Yeah those who got in early have done well. Some good points, im just getting a stack together around 20k just incase, its a savings account tbh. Hopefully people will want to use both hive and leo to make money to put into cub and it will be a vicious circle. Who knows.

Don't you mean 'virtuous circle'?!

I'm glad I got in on LEO, but I do feel like a bit of a rogue sometimes - you know me, most of my interest in finance is about alternative economics and how to reduce expenditure, what LEO really wants is posts about how to make a tonne of cash!

haha funny.

Haha, I was thinking exactly the same this morning, even posted about it over on It's crazy how fast our price bias changes. Nevertheless, I feel like Hive is pretty cheap right now and I've already made a purchase for another 1000 Hive because of that :-)

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It does feel cheap, and I keep thinking if I had even just 250K Hive I could probably live off just that, comfortably!

But it's more important for me to be diversified.

I just never gotten as deeply involved with Hive as I probably should have. I'm sitting at only 7000 HP, everything else is in the 2nd layer stuff.

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Well LEO and Splinterlands have done well - I put half my Steem PD into those and Exode - worked out pretty well, but I'm still waiting on the later of course!

It's crazy how fast our price bias changes

That's just what I was thinking. 😁


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Hello, can you navigate me how exactly can I earn 15% or more APY. Thanks :)

Well just curation alone will earn you about that, but you'll need to set your AV to around 2-3 minutes

You could also delegate to @leo.voter - that pays out at 16% but in LEO

HIVE seems to have crashed through the red moving average, the 25 something one. If it doesn't pull up fast, I think it will continue going down. The final stop will probably be the turquoise moving average. Those earlier peaks at 40 cents could provide some support as well.

I am holding off buying any significant amounts for now, but if it does go down to the mid 40s I'll be VERY tempted to buy more!

I certainly don't feel like selling at these prices!


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I think DCA can't go wrong here - start buying in small amounts. That way if it goes lower you won't miss out on better prices, and if it goes higher you make a profit.

Oh I'm always one to buy in gradually!

You're a dogged builder, I plan like 40k staked hive before the end of the year. I have 27k currently. It feels good to actually take as advantage of the prices.

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27k stake is pretty nice and 40K is a great target.

It really makes a difference having a large-ish stake, now I'm up to nearly 70K the curation returns are pretty significant!

It's tempting, but I find myself top heavy in HIVE. Something I don't want to be.

I can imagine, I'm happy I used half of my Steem PD to buy Leo, and then sold some of that to get into Rune, AVA and AKT more recently, and a few others.

I'm very motivated to stack $20K of stables this year, after that it's either 1 BTC target or just stack Hive - there's nothing else I really want more of TBH.

I am tempted to buy some BASE, but that means opening up another exchange, I did start, but just couldn't be arsed to go through KYC - another silly sellfy with my passport, it was literally a case of not being bothered enough to get up off my arse!

Always is a good time to buy Hive, never regret of that bc eventually it's going up again!

I'm a bit behind. I still don't know how to actually buy it. 😂

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I use Blocktrades and/or Binance for that :-)

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What the actual fuck?!?

Just open an exchange account - Bittrex/ Binance/ Kraken - they're the ones I mainly use.

I am thinking it might be a good time to move some more money into Hive as well. I have some funds that are just sitting on one of my wallets that I might need to move over to here. I should probably hurry up because the price of Hive seems to be going back up!

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Not financial advice of course, but I did buy another 100 earlier. Gently gently!

Nice! Keep stacking!

I agree this is a dip to buy! :-)

I tend to just sell all my HBDs on the internal market!

Same here.

I believe DeFi won't simply die out, but there will be a sort of natural selection among all the projects.

I totally agree with you that people are going to start looking towards serious projects in the future.

Especially the ones who got rekt on shity projects.

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Hive is just such a steady earner for me, it's easy to take it for granted.

yes! should recover very fast. I'll post a TA about it tomorrow

IMO it will go up again. It was IMO only taking profit + panic.

Buy the dips ....

Nah I'm waiting till either HBD stabilizer stops buying it or $1 HBD happens. Otherwise I feel like they are just inflating the price

I don't really understand the whole stabliser thing TBH - they just put it all into the DAO, right?

I sold some of it back at it's low point. Thankfully I was strategic and only sold half of it. The other half has remained staked for the past 4 or 5 months. If this dip keeps up, I'm buying more.

Ah that's a bummer, you can never predict these dips and peaks! Well, I can't!

Now is the best time to buy more Hive coins

I was thinking about buying a bit while it's down. Which is funny because I started a power down 7 days ago to sell a bit before it dipped, in order to buy back cheaper. Oops! Too late. Unless it goes down some more, of course.

There's something to be said for keeping some liquid, but i'm in a power up mood atm!

I go back and forth so much.. Powering up usually wins out!

With the potential over the next several years any price now seems pretty cheap

It's a good time to buy that dip. It will bounce back up anytime soon is my guess !

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