Now might be a good time Power Up Hive and CURATE!

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You've probably noticed the recent favourable price action on Hive - it's been some welcome relief after several months of sliding ever lower!

So maybe NOW is a good time to power up - when proportionately the ratio of Hive Powered Up to the overall supply is so very low!

It means NOW is the best time to make some great curation returns!

The Current Vesting Fund = 143 M Hive,

Screenshot 20210122 at 19.22.42.png

And this is out of a current total supply of 415 million Hive + Hive's worth of HBD.

Screenshot 20210122 at 19.22.47.png

(You can find all this at

So that's only 34% of the total supply of Hive that is Powered Up and ready to be used for curation, and receive a chunk of the 32.25% of the rewards pool which goes to curators.

And if we look at @arcange's stats on active accounts, in which he includes dormant accounts, we find that around an additional 20% of HP that is powered up is just lying round, not used for voting at all, so we're now talking about > 30% of potential HP being used.

And if we were to factor in all those accounts that are active but don't make maximum use of their curation potential that'd probably add on at least another 1-2%, but that would be marginal as that's a smaller percentage of the active percentage!

(I'm not sure how we can work out the average efficiency of all Hive curators, it would be interesting, but it's actually quite marginal compared to the Powered up to Liquid ratio so it's not necessary!)

So overall, only around 30% of Hive Power is actually being used to currently curate.

So it's a good time to Power Up and Use your Stake!

The new supply of Hive in 2021 is projected to be around 26 Million new Hive (source from @Dalz), (although I think because of the nefarious wonderland that is HBD printing it might actually be even greater than that, but that doesn't count towards curation I don't think).

And around 32.25% of that goes to curators from the 'rewards pool' - roughly 8.5 Million Hive a year to curators.

So my not financial advice is get Powered Up and get curating now (keep that ticker around 80-85%!) because with only 30% (or probably less) of the total supply powered up and actively being used, you'll be earning three times as much as you could be if the job lot were powered up and acted on.

Of course if the total Hive supply was powered up, the price would probably be to the moon, and that's all the more reason to power up now while it isn't - now is the time' to 'farm' Hive tokens (in a non-income sense of the word, because these are tokens not currency) through curation.

Actually I need to go vote, I'm not doing so well myself...!

Screenshot 20210122 at 19.47.13.png

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So my not financial advice is get Powered Up and get curating now

Already doing, need to spend some more time on finding out good posts. Do you know, any tool that will help find out good content ?

I just recommend following the right people!

And make use of tags and communities.

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That's an interesting take, thanks for that. I am still a piddly minnow, but will be powering up what little I can on PUD! :)

I was just a Minnow once, for quite a while, just little by little has been my approach!

PUD is a great initiative, glad you're on board with it!

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I am currently powering a bit down, so I can use it to pay for lease, so I can get that sweet curation ;)

Oh that's an interesting approach, I never considered that, are the returns worth it?

Well. It depends on a lot of factors and is different for everybody, but the more HP you own yourself, the more worth it would it be because of the compound interest.

I pay around 234 - 252 Hive per month for my 18000K HP leases.

So if we take a look at, it tells me that I earn 315 HP from Curation only the last 30 days. So thats already worth it! But I am also following curation trails which max out on rewards as much as possible, so its a growth strat.

This is even better if you make good posts and get high upvote since that could pay for the leases so you should have to power down as I have to do at the moment :D

That looks like an excellent return to me, but wouldn't you have to adjust that down to take account of your native HP?

So many different ways to earn and tweak those percentages! Quite a fun game.

I take out 38 hive pr week now in order to help aid the payments. That would put be down to 277 hp earned from curation, so still over what I spent which is the whole point :D
But thats only if we look at curation. I earned almost 200 Hive from authoring the past 30 days which varies, so that helps aswell!

  • The dividends from holding varies tokens which can always be sold if needed.

As I said, the more Hp you have the chance for better curation you have :D So in the long term I don't have to power down as much or at all, because I would have reach the amount I want to :D

I just want to reach 10k as fast as possible this year and then I properly cut down on the leases and only buy what ever I can afford from my authoring earnings and then spread out my votes to help more people :D

Which is way more noble if you ask me than growth.

Well one of the nice things about Hive is that is does incentivise you to help others through curation! Making it a win-win situation.

Yes that it true! Thats also why I want to grow, so I can help others who needs it more than me :D

Very cool! I need to stop spending all HIVE on Splinterlands cards!

I think it's a good time to start going the other way for a while - I'm currently swapping my rental income for Hive!

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Nice! At least I never gave Power Down, everything I get on Hive Power stays there for the long term.

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I try and do the same!

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I lost my willingness to curate from HP after I delegated to leo.voter. I hardly have 500HP with me that keep sitting idle at 100%. yesterday somebody asked me nicely to follow his curation trail and I agreed.

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I guess if I was being rational I'd delegate 100% to leovoter and then just buy back Hive!

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Due to me not posting each day, my CR is on a par with my post earnings (at around 5 posts a week), although that doesn't include HBD, and the additional tokens like LEO.


It's no where near if you factor in the HBD!

I think 250K might be the tipping point for you.

You know if Hive was even $0.50 that's a very decent second 'income'.

I'm rarely posting but I am actively voting and my APR is around 18%, not bad at all :)
With only 34% of the total supply of Hive that is Powered Up, my goal is to get my APR over 20%

It does mount up - I really don't get why more people aren't powering up and doing the same!

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Not sure how did you got the 7M number for new supply, it will be for sure more than 24M :)

Oh thanks I'll correct, that's 'cos I was writing about something else, deleted it all but kept that! My bad.

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Happens to me all the time :)

I was surprised by those figures. Interesting post. What's everyone doing with the Hive that's not powered up I wonder?


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sitting on exchanges for someone to buy them.(close to 100+ million in top 5 exchanges alone)

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Wow. That's not good!

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Yup it's just sitting on the exchanges unused!

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Curation is a wonderful way to enhance one's return. This really compounds if one uses his or her account to curate another token with Hive on the back end. Then the payout will happen in both tokens.

It is really a compounding system.

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I agree, the multi-token thing is awesome, and different curation return models I think are nice too - I enjoy the gamification that comes with Hive but also the certainty of LEO returns.

Nice to have both.

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Many ways being developed to make money on Hive.

It is really exciting to witness the expansion and the development of what is being produced here.

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I hold about 23.5k hive powered up currently and basically I earn like 60 hive on a weekly basis though but then you're right about curation. I guess many still don't value the idea of holding hive.

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More for us!

But seriously, it does seem like a relatively easy way of earning a return, I mean you can just follow trails, delegate, AV, for a 12% return or there abouts NP.

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The options seems really endless you know. We're seriously a hidden gem here on hive

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Reblogged. Great post.. I try to vote every day and hate it when I'm on 100 percent!

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That 100% is certainly a waste! I don't like to see my VP above 90%

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I would suggest that you (we) should support by upvoting contents of the very few “influencers” now inside Hive. Upvote generously. Let them feel that we mean by in this platform, they got good value for their content compared to other platforms.

I noticed a few of them and I wait to see whether they power up or sell. If they sell I don't vote!

Thanks for this post. It reminds me that I still have a lot to learn and do here on Hive. I am so new in fact that I have to go look up and see what it is you are talking about - how to power up... lol or even if I can do it yet. :/

I am very thankful for articles like this one. Because if you don't know that something exists or what something is called - you don't know what to look up to learn about it. Thanks :)

I'll take your word for it, curation is always a big way of mounting ones influence on the platform and earning while doing so.

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I think you've got this platform nailed -

Money follows money.

Just ignore those crazy people who bang on about quality content.

Power up 100 000 Hive and you'll earn a decent whack for any old shit you put out as people court you for your vote!

Thanks, I really avoid being caught up in public conversations, especially if people are trying to put up some flaws on what I do, I just try my best and hope it's just enough. Thanks for this advice, I got my fingers crossed on all endeavors I make to progress.

You can earn money of course for producing good content too!

Just carry on doing what you're doing is what I say!

Thanks for the very informative post!

I'm very new to Hive, crypto, and blockchain as a whole but I've been trying to curate as best as I can. I have a question thou... I've read quite a few posts stating that it's a good practice to keep VP around 80% but I still don't get the logic behind it. Why is it a good strategy?

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Ah - good question, simple answer....

It's because your voting power recharges at a rate of around 20% per day, so 80% will recharge back up to 100% after 1 day, if you depleted your entire VP it would take 5 days for it to recharge.

It costs 2% of your VP per full (100% weighted vote) - so you can make 10 full upvotes per day (or 20 votes weighted at 50%).

You reward and earn less the lower your VP percentage - so keeping it above 80% is better for your curation returns.

Ah, makes perfect sense now! Thank you very much!

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Here's an income taxable upvote for you!

Probably wrecked my curation APR but what the hey!

If it was on LEO, it wouldn't make any difference.

I may have found a CGT work around btw - if you earn more than the threshold, simply take out a DEFI loan to bring it back down again, hey presto, gains reduced.

It works in the States, don't know if it would work in the UK?

Hmm,that sounds like funny business to me! Has anyone pulled off that in the UK? I was reading an "interesting" 46 page article from HMRC as they are looking to regulate stablecoins and it's providers, along with perhaps getting the FCA on to provide some services with Bank of England. Despite all the smear in mainstream media, they are actually doing the opposite and trying to get ideas from investment companies on how to make crypto work and be regulated in the UK. Not that it would affect you too much if you're residing in Portugal now!

Anyway, I'm not close to the capital gains threshold at all but it's the income taxable events such as author rewards I'm looking into. Have spoken to a few users and witnesses from the UK, as well as an accountant. It's pretty convoluted but simplifying all the different ways of earning on Hive is the way to go. Hive-engine is a bit of an enigma so only considering what goes in and what goes out of that from my Hive account atm but further discussions to be had!

None of this is tax/accountancy advice of course, I'm not qualified 😁

Some more clarity would be welcome for sure.