Can You Imagine Your Crypto Journey Without Hive?

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If you are on Hive blockchain, you know what you can do there. And it makes your crypto journey awesome. Now imagine your crypto journey if there is no platform like Hive.

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You get to know about cryptocurrency. People talk about Bitcoin and the technology behind it. You are interested to learn more and get involved in crypto. Probably you hear about crypto in a bull market. You need to invest to get crypto. Or, you have to mine to get cryptocurrency.

If you get an airdrop, you may also have some crypto. The first thing that draws your attention is people are making a lot of money trading cryptocurrency. You buy low, sell high, and make a good profit in crypto trading.

Since the crypto market is on the uptrend, whatever you buy, there is a high probability that the price will go up. Maybe you invest a significant amount of money in crypto and make a huge profit. When you see there is no way you can make this amount of money doing a job, you decide to quit your job and do crypto full-time.

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Things are going well until the crypto market changes its trend. It seems easy to make money on crypto, so what you earn from crypto invest back in different altcoins. You think the market will go up because good news comes out consistently.

But the crypto market keeps going down. You get stuck and cannot sell your crypto, because if you sell, that will be a huge loss. You do trading and keep losing money. Whatever you buy now, the price falls and you sell crypto at a loss.

In a downtrend market, you can do short selling. You need to do futures trading. As a new trader, you may lose money in futures trading. It is not that you keep holding crypto as you do in spot trading. You have to exit according to your plan, otherwise, you may get liquidated.

Blockchain is the future, but the whole experience that you have makes you disappointed. You probably quit crypto at this point. In case you depend on crypto for making a living, you go through a hard time. You cannot do much to make money on crypto.

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You may blame crypto for ruining your life. What you thought in a bull market, you never imagined it would end up like this. Now get out of the imagination and see what you have.

You are on Hive, so you did not lose everything. You have Hive Power, Hive, and some HBD. You can make money creating content and get HIVE and HBD. You don't have to invest money except for your time and effort. You earn curation rewards supporting others as well as get 2.87% APR on Hive Power (HP). APR seems little, just take a look at HBD savings.

All you need to do is to move your HBD into savings to enjoy a 20% APR. You will get the interest every month which will be compounded monthly. You can play games and make money from that.

You can get second-layer tokens from your content. Do you want to know what's going on in crypto all over the world? You can focus on LeoFinance. You can learn and at the time, share your experience in your post.

Hive can make your crypto journey exciting and awesome! Hive is always there for you. So what are you waiting for? Hive on!

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It would be hard for me to imagine crypto without Hive because I didn't understand that much about what it was about before I joined. Now, I think I can make more informed decisions compared to the past due to the blogging aspect.

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Hive becomes one of the most important parts of my crypto journey. It feels like Hive is the training ground to prepare yourself so that you can get the best out of crypto and blockchain.

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For me, it would be very hard to imagine crypto without Hive, bcs it's my first blockchain with a real community. Great post!



Hive opens the door for many people to get into crypto. And we can grow from here. Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate that!

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