Don't Fall For Romance Scams

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Dating online was weird in the past. Nowadays that's very common. You may see people fall in love with a foreigner and get married. There is no boundary in love. You don't plan to fall in love, but things happen and you find the love of your life. Unfortunately, scammers are also active on social media and dating apps. And you can be the next victim.

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It is assumed that educated people will not fall for romance scams. But that is not true. People who are well educated also become their victims. Scammers create fake profiles and arrange everything based on their target victims' interests. It is not coincident that your all interests are similar to that romance scammer.

If you are interested in crypto, you will see that person is also interested in crypto and doing better in investing in cryptocurrency. Since you are in love, you will trust him. If he shows you something, you will definitely see that. It becomes a habit that you two share different things, see, have fun and talk about them. You may not think twice before clicking links.

Scammers can easily hack your account or lead you to a fraudulent website to get your account credentials in cryptocurrency. Once scammers get your account credentials, your crypto will be gone forever. And if you are from a country where crypto falls into a gray area, you may not get legal support.

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The scammer makes you believe he is the person he claimed to be. He will create such a situation you cannot meet him face to face. He says things like he works abroad or he stays somewhere that you cannot meet him face to face for the time being.

When you like and trust someone, that becomes easy to manipulate, and scammers take advantage of that to steal your money. Sometimes he says he is sick or someone in his family gets sick and he needs money badly. Or, he sends your expensive gifts and you have to spend some money to get that.

When you see the person you love needs money, you want to help him. You will send money thinking you are doing good deeds but you just fall for romance scams. When you find out what's actually going on, it becomes too late and you have already lost a lot of money.

You need to be careful to protect yourself from romance scams. Scammers find new ways to exploit people's vulnerability to get their money. Maybe you are on dating apps looking for love, but end up losing your money and heart.

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The romance scams aren't anything new but I think it's kind of sick that people are preying on other people's loneliness. Of course, there isn't much we can do but give more awareness to it so less people are scammed.

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Scammers target people and exploit their vulnerability to steal their money. It's happening and they find new ways to scam people. It is disappointing and disheartening when victims realize they have been scammed. Yes, creating awareness is a good way we can protect ourselves from romance scams.

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