Life, Money and Frustration - Don't You Think You Can Get Out Of this Situation?

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When you were a kid, you loved to play more than anything you did. You used to forget everything while you were playing. Your parents told you to study. When you realized you should study, you focused on your academic studies.

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You did your best to do well in school, college and university. You were very happy finishing your academic studies. You are supposed to do a job, earn money and live a happy life. So where does frustration comes from in your life? Don't you earn the money in your job that you deserve?

Getting a job that you want is a big challenge. Why is that? Supply and demand issue. There is not many job opportunity available that need for everyone. You have to go through a huge competition to get a job.

Having a job feels like getting your dream come true. At this point, it seems weird why people quit their jobs. When it is so difficult to get a job in the first place, you don't see any reason to quit the job. The thing is, sometimes you don't realize something unless you get there.

When you get the job, you are so happy that you cannot express it in words. It seems there is no turning back from this point. You follow the system of the company and work hard so that you can do better in your professional life.

In the beginning, you get a minimum salary, and it's okay. You think when you have experience and show your skills and talents in your performance, you can earn more. You get an increment in a year, but you see that's not more than the inflation rate. Your salary increases, but the price of goods and services is on the rise as well.

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You don't see much change in your financial situation. Even though you have skills and qualifications and you are doing well in your job, you don't get what you deserve from the job. Now you realize why people quit their job which seems weird in the past.

You talk to your boss. Your boss likes you and he knows very well what you are capable of doing. He proposes to increase your salary on the report, but when it goes through different approval and comes out from the HR department, you don't see any reflection on the salary.

Where is the problem? The company is not interested to pay more for the position. They can easily hire someone, give training and let him do your job. You are disappointed and become hopeless slowly.

Most people hate their job. Still, they keep doing their jobs because they have a family to take care of. They cannot make the decision instantly and quit the job. You just get stuck and live your life like a machine.

Do you think you will get stuck there forever? You are the one who can do something about it to improve your finances and make a change in your life. It depends on you what to do. But don't expect things will change quickly.

It takes time, and give yourself that time to get out of frustration, have control over your finances, and improve your financial situation. So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments. Thank you for reading this post. That's it for now. I'll be back with another post.

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These days, when I experience something I had sworn I would never do in my life, I am reminded of the phrase, ' Virginity is lack of opportunity'.

We will never truly understand what happens in a certain situation or part of life until we get there. It's he who wears the shoes that knows where it pinches.

For work, hustle, and money, we can all relate to all you've said. As children, we had no worries, until we got to a point where we were expected to start being responsible for our lives. Whether it's Schooling, acquiring degrees, getting a job, enjoying our jobs, risking losing our source of income if we quit, catering for our family, etc.

All of these things happen to everyone. But what we can do for a change is to learn about our finances.

Our salary may not seem to be enough, in the past, we were taught to go back to school, and earn a higher degree so we can earn more. Afterward, we return from higher schooling and discover nothing has really changed. Yes, we had the increments in our earnings but we were still struggling financially.

This goes to prove that it doesn't matter how much you earn if you don't learn about your finances, you'll still be struggling.

It's more than just getting more degrees, knowledge, or skills, it boils down to learning to live within our means, budgeting our expenses, Investing for our future, trying to beat inflation, and remembering that it will take time to see the results of all of these measures.

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What you learned, can you put it into action? If you can put it into action, you will find a way to improve your situation. There is nothing that can hold you back as long as you don't give up.

Thank you so much @iskafan for your thought-provoking comment! I really appreciate that!

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We can improve our situation Rez. Its hard sometimes, but where theres a will theres a way.


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Completely agree with you. If you are looking for a solution to improve your situation, you will get the solution sooner or later.

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One of the best jobs I ever had came to me as a tip from a friend. I've found that waiting for the job to be advertised is a recipe for diaster as the masses of competition starts rolling in.

If possible, it's best to make those connections so that you can be considered for a position before anyone else finds out about it. That's what happened to me when the boss was about to place an ad and my friends suggested me. And the rest as they say, is history. :)

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You have to position yourself to get what you want. Networking is very important. If you can get different offers and opportunities because you are good at networking.

Thank you for sharing your experience!

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