Crypto Price and Crypto Scams On The Rise

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Cryptocurrency price rises and it feels great to see that. If you see on coinmarketcap, all crypto prices show green. It draws a lot of attention right now. At the same time, we might see scamming attempts.

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Scammers try to trick people to get their cryptocurrency. See it for the first time, you might find it difficult to detect that it is a scam. They try to convince people about something that they are not. Let's watch this video.

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Unfortunately there have always been plenty of scams within the crypto sphere. I got scammed a couple of times with ponzi scheems and so called cloud miners. When the promises seem too good to be true, well they are often simply too good to be true...

They give lucrative offers that draw attention. Once you get into that, you are trapped. Spreading awareness can help people be aware of that. Thank you @achim03 for sharing your experience.