10 Comments a Day – Keeps Bear Market Away – Leofinance/Hive engagement

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Who does not know this? We all know that there is cure for everything in the world. Well, not for everything. I exaggerated a bit there but you know what I am trying to say. If one tries with full conviction, it is lot harder for that individual to fail. It takes a bad luck in a very bad state to make a passionate and motivated individual to fail.

I am seeing red everywhere. My portfolio is down and I do not have new money to invest into the projects I love. I have no new money that I can pour into Leo tokens which is on sale right now. I remember the days when I spent $1500 to buy $leo token that was trading around 60 cents. Compared to that, the token is dirt cheap as it is trading under 15 cents. I cannot believe that how lucky we are right now. It is time to buy a bag full if you have extra money hidden somewhere.


What else can I do when I have no ammunition to fire?

I can engage and that’s the beauty of this platform. Leofinance and Hive is a community where users engage with each other. The attention and network building helps you earn upvotes, gather attention and curate other good posts to receive curation reward. I post regularly on Hive and curate manually. I am okay with that side of thing. There is one thing that I have not done to my full potential. It is to engage with others.

I am not like others who would never curate manually and leave meaningful comments on other posts. I do read a fair bit of posts and add comments when I really have something to say. I thought I engage fairly well in the community. I checked my engagement status on Hive and I realized I am. not that prolific with my comments.


Look at this graph which suggests I am not regularly engaged. I have my good days where I commented on more than 15 times but then there are also days where I only made a single comment. The prolific days are cancelled out by my really dry days. On average, I do not consider myself an engaged user.

I decided to up the game

One aspect of my engagement that I can improve which could help me gain more upvotes and rewards to accumulate Leo is to comment on other relevant posts. I remember there was an initiative led by @taskmaster4450 which asked users to post at least 10 comments daily.

I am committing myself to add at least 10 comments daily on Leofinance and Hive. And, I will try to engage with as many unique users as I can. Let’s see how this goes.

I will create a post exactly in a month from today and post my results. I hope I will be able to engage more in the community. I will also post whether the higher engagement from my side helps me boost my Leo earnings or not.

Bear market is always fun where you can do whatever you like not worrying about the all-time highs. Devs will buidl, hodlers will hodl and Hivers will engage in the bear market. Let me make 10 comments a day and keep this bear market away 😛

Don’t be alarmed if you start to get more comments in your posts this day forward :)

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Great initiative to engage with more people! And having a specific goal like this will make it super achievable. I recommend getting a calendar, and every day that you achieve your goal, cross out the date (or a smiley or something). Then after a month when you see you made vest progress, give yourself a reward!

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That's a great idea. I should make a calendar where I note how many comments I made that day and how many new users I engaged with.

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Yes, anything to keep you more engaged!

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hmm.. So I achieve 1/10 of the goal today here.

Commenting is must and good for any "wannaby"famous author in Hive because Hive is lot more different then "web 2.0" where author publish and "forget".
Hive is lively place where interaction takes priority.

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You did but you should not stop after achieving the bare minimum :)
That's true but even Hive people should up there engagement game. They should bring 10% of the engagement that they have on Discord to this platform.

Wow, I hope things you meet up with that comments, right now I have lost count to comments because this is the best I can do, for now, I am not good at writing articles and blog posts, but am trying, and rather than letting that upset me, I try to make comments to cover-up. I calculate how many comments I will need to make to get at least $10 and I saw it was high but I will not give up and I will do my best to meet up,

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I agree. Blogging may not be everyone's forte. We need readers as well. The post reward is just one aspect of the game. The networking and honest engagement will create presence value and that will go a long way.

Hive runs on engagements and connections. Its a shame so much of engagement happens on web2 and all for almost nothing.
Well I also hold this 10 comment a day goal. I recently realized those 10 comments can spill into a conversation giving me almost 30 comments.

Exactly. 10 comments is just a bare minimum. Once I start replying to replies, it can easily cross 30 like you said.

Yeah..Its a great strategy. Actually.
If everyone engages, there ll be more connections on the blockchain.
And subsequent.. People join and continue for just that..

Exactly. I can tell you already, it is not that simple to get engaged with others frequently.

Yes.. Thats actually some hard work one has to be able to get over everyday. But the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

It is much easier to comment on an already existing comment when the content has already been read and the comments are relevant.

I think that’s definitely an awesome goal dude! I would love to get there for sure, I think I might have been doing that before but of late I wont be able to hit those marks. I still think it’s a solid goal to try and go for! One of the best things to do in a bear market is grow an audience and expand to different areas potentially. We are riding it out together so might as well have some fun and engagement along the way!

You are at the pinnacle of engagement according to accepted statisical league :P But you are right, why not have some fun and engagement while not thinking about rewards.

Hahah well it's hit or miss with me some weeks. The first week of the year was peak for me, I was gunning for it. Now we have had sickness left and right. Hopefully at the end of that crap for a while but don't want to count those chickens yet!

yeah, the virus is spreading like crazy lately. Most of my neighbourhood is already affected. I am not sure If I already have it at some point in time. I am trying to amp up the game during this down time with the market. Not that I need a down time to engage but :)

Good initiative!

Let's see if I can keep my own promise. Last time I did a challenge with my runs and I failed :P

so far so good for the moment I guess😃

The first day is always the best. I will show true colours in a week :)