Did you connect your Metamask to Leo?

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Yes, I admit that I browse Leofinance every hour of the day and read every post and comments - quite literally. There are benefits of being an avid reader and there are few negatives. Spending your time reading and enjoying articles that you would have otherwise missed can be considered a pro- and a cons as well :)

However, one good that came out of my addiction with Hive and Leofinance is I am aware of new developments and happenings. I hope everyone has noticed this new development on Leofinance by now. There was an announcement of this upcoming announcement on @leofinance twitter account.

While browsing the platform this morning, a notification popped up on my Leofinance profile page. The pop up was a system notification asking me whether I want to claim my liquid Leo. I said, why not and clicked on "claim". That click opened the pandora's box. It then suggested that I link my Metamask account with my Hive account.


I am always up for the innovative and new challenge. As you all know, I managed to get into the wLEO LP pool on Unisw....... Okay let's close that chapter :P

I linked my Metamask account and it's fascinating to witness all the hard work the LEO team is doing to increase efficiency and credibility of this project. It looks like a very small feature but we need to understand the long term positive impact it could bring to the platform. This step suggests the potential the LEO team is creating in being open to new block chains out there.


There are multiple posts we read on Leofinance which predicted the future price of Leo when there are X new users on the platform. We can use traditional marketing pathways to realize that mass adoption or we also can entice new users by reaching out to them and making it easy to connect. The Metamask login/connect seems to be an excellent way to reach out to those crypto enthusiasts out there.

As a true LEO fan, I already connected my Metamask to LEO. Did you?

I had 0.039 LEO to claim. I would have collected less than ZERO ETH if I transferred now. Let's hope, there will be a day when I transfer 0.039 LEO to Metamask and it is more than zero. You pay 0 dime to dream.

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No I haven't connected it yet.

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That's fine. It's a good option to have. I connected the account to see how seamless this new development from the team is.

It sounds interesting to be able to convert to another coin, like in another level...

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I know. Kudos to the @leofinance team.

I didn't connect mine, but it's cool that there is an option to automatically convert LEO to ETH! It would be great if ETH fees go down a bit, a lot of people would use that option... ;)

I would not be using that withdrawl option for small amount.But, it is very useful option to have in the broader context of things for the long term future of the platform.

Oh, yes, I did. I hope it won't make me withdraw more than before. I want to power up to become the Lion!

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Cheers to becoming Leo Lion. Wait, LEO is Lion right? 😀

Yeah, becoming lions as we speak!

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I’m connected but I don’t earn enough per post to convert using it.

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