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Developers Everywhere

I recently wrote about how I am working on a new app with one of my friends off the blockchain. This app is seeking to do something quite innovative in the nightlife and restaurant industries, and so when working on what the app would need to include, we figured it would be tough to find an IOS developer that could understand the exact vision... We were so wrong it is comical.

I used Upwork (a freelance service site) last night to post a job offer for the position at what I thought was a bit of a lowball price range. I went to bed and was hoping that the next day I would see one or two offers come through... We got 123 offers in less than 12 hours.

Not only did we receive offers at our price point, but we also got a ton of offers well below that point. Of course now there will be a lot of work that needs to get done reviewing and interviewing shortlisted candidates, but it feels so good to see that the vision can become a reality much faster and easier than anticipated.

Mobilizing A Business Plan

The hardest part of all of this so far has honestly just been getting the ball rolling and starting up. We came up with the concept and formulated a plan to get some of the legal and financial documents together and have so far been underperforming our goals. The idea yesterday was that if we can get a developer on the team, there will be the implication that we need to get our plan in gear and start working much harder to match the pace of the dev. Since we are planning to pay in milestones rather than by the hour, the dev will likely be working at a pretty fast pace to get things done as it is in the best interest of their own time.

We still need to finalize the business plan and most importantly present a pitchdeck for small scale angel investors. We have found a few websites that are similar to crowdsourcing, but for small to medium scale angel investors looking to get involved with disruptive-tech ventures. Seeing this mass response from devs has made us motivated to continue working and to really put in some effort with this project.

I am excited to keep you all in the loop and create a product that will hopefully change the lives of many in the industry where I've found myself feeling the most at home!

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Good luck with your project and I probably think you should expect delays to deal with any bugs. Also, I would try to find a good team and don't skim out because it's a bit cheaper to get an alternative.

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Goodluck with your project. If you don’t mind, can you tell how much you offered?

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We're working on securing funding to offer up to 20k!

Good luck with your project, actually there are so many developers on these freelance sites that you will surely get 100s of applications for one job offer.

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