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Oh Man

Well, I saw today that inflation in the United States is reaching levels that it has never seen before... So for that reason, I decided I shouldn't be looking at the performance of any of my portfolios (stocks and crypto).

Everything is absolutely crashing right now, as one could expect seeing that the economy is on the way to a major collapse. I think that this will likely last for a fair amount of time and that the investments that we have made may suffer in the short term as people move away from risk assets.

Bitcoin Still Seen As A Risk Asset

It's still a bit of a mental divide between the average investor and the crypto believer. People see Bitcoin as a speculative asset due to the huge fluctuations in price that we've experienced (a valid assumption honestly) whereas a lot of us see Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation because we understand the trajectory of how it was designed.

Due to the fact a lot more people see it as speculation than as a financial haven, we are seeing Bitcoin move along with the rest of the economy at large and we are seeing some major downturns with this looming recession. I hate that this is the case, but right now it feels like all bull-investors are in the same boat across the board right now.

What To Do?

I honestly don't think there's anything that can be done but try to either trade bearish or stack assets. I am a terrible trader, so for me personally I am ignoring this mess and just waiting until I have some money that I can stack some more BTC, LINK, RUNE, HIVE and some stocks with.

When life gives you lemons, just ignore them and continue doing what you were planning on doing anyways... Not as catchy as the original, but I still like the sentiment. I deleted my stock apps and my crypto portfolio trackers so that I could have some positive energy in the midst of financial chaos. I think that if you are planning on holding long term, this is a beneficial thing to do so you don't make short term impulsive decisions. I would consider that sound financial advice...

Well, that's all I got, stay positive people we will make it.

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8.6% inflation better not be the new norm, that's all I gotta say. The days of 2% inflation couple of years ago looks like a distant memory now... sigh

Just focus on the long-term outlook and I think things will be fine. The entire economy is just a hot mess right now and the politicians aren't doing anything to fix it.

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