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RE: Spinvest pool for WLEO/ETH liquidity pool - update.

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Just finding out about SPEW @spinvest-leo and wanting to join the "Cause," here is my investment transaction:


Seeing in this post reference to also investing some ETH into the pool, what is the minimum to participate in that way? I did see the minimum of 500 LEO, but did not see a minimum for ETH. That is, if you would like us to still consider that option for an additional means to participate.

Looking forward to seeing how all of this turns out! 🦁👍

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Hey @roleerob - I have got your LEO recorded and added to the list - welcome to SPEW! The ETH would definitely be handy - Spinvest has just added in another 5, but with the latest increase in LEO price we are still a little short of fully matching amounts.

Anything you'd like to add will be noted, as you have already met the minimum with your LEO contribution.

Just let me know here or on discord (jk6276#1893) If you put in ETH so I can match up the deposit.

ETH address if you are keen is: 0x9744dF35394B77860337d4b17a844B87EF341e83



Okay @jk6276. Thank you for the prompt response. Let me take a look at a couple of things and get back to you. It helps knowing there is no minimum, so ... I should be able to do my small part, but ... I'll let you know here in a bit. 👌

P.S. One factor will be these ridiculous fees. They don't really make small transactions sensible ... If I put it on the "slow boat" though? We'll see ...

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Update: Okay @jk6276. Done. Sent 0.25 ETH "across" via an "economy ticket," so didn't hurt too bad ...


Covers ± my LEO invested in SPEW, so ... Doing my small part to cover the "wrapped" details needed, for my share ...

Onward and upward! 🦁 🚀

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Got it. 👍

WLEO.ETH pool.png

There you are - Thanks for joining in.

Very good. Thank you sir! 👍

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