The Bored Ape Yacht Project & OtherSide Metaverse Discord Server Hacked For The Second Time In Two Months.

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The crypto space has had enough of negative news surrounding it already to be welcoming another hack update from an NFt project. To be honest, this is so disappointing for the community, team, and crypto sphere in general.

Just yesterday, I made a blog post discussing the no-migration proposal from the ApecoinDao and today, I got saddened by the hack news.

So, here was what happened.

It was reported in the early hours of Saturday that the Bored Ape yacht Club and OtherSide Metaverse discord server have been hacked and 32 NFTs was stolen. In detail, the 32 NFTs are; 1 BAYC, 2 MAYC, 5 Otherdeeds, and 1 BAKC.

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But How come?

The hacker didn’t just break through the discord server and started stealing the nfts. The hacker who is yet to be identified got one of the project’s team account compromised which was then used to broadcast phishing links to the channel luring the community members to participate in a giveaway. Unfortunately, some of these members fell for it and their NFTs got wiped out.

Why is it so saddening?

There are plenty of reasons why this news spoilt my evening. Note: I do not own any of their Nfts nor Did I click the phishing link. But I’m mad that this news has caused some users a lot and has worsened the way other non-crypto firms or folks see us after what the bear market and Luna did to us.

On another note, while I was researching to write yesterday’s blog, I came across similar hack news dated back 2 months ago. Unfortunately, the hack news was on this same project. The Bored Ape Yacht Club project. But was carried out on their Instagram and discord]( where about $13million dollars was stollen. This has kept me wondering how careless the teams and how greedy the community members could be.

Do the victims actually deserve it?

Up to this day, I’m still wondering how greedy members of crypto projects could be whenever they read about giveaways. One thing for sure is that most giveaways are all scams. Who even does giveaways in a bear market? Well, maybe just 10% of the giveaways in the bear market are real tho.

But do they actually deserve the hack? Maybe yes. Because I see no reason why someone who owns one of the most expensive nfts in the crypto space is so greedy to click on a giveaway link and have their wallet which contains their expensive nfts connected to a strange website. This is so not me. I can’t make any of these mistakes. At the same time, I understand most of the victims fell for it because the phishing link came from a verified account. Awww! I’m sorry, the verified account you all look up to isn’t valid.

But for real though, after the first hack, I expected the project to have put in security measures to Its team’s social accounts. There have been lots of rumors on CT that this could be an insider hack.

What do you think about this?

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