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RE: Always ready to jump with crypto

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I asked J about your opening paragraph as he's one of everyone who's thingi about crypto, and his answer was that because while it's "free" (as in relatively free from government oversight/interference) that's also a downside as because it's unregulated you have exactly no recourse whatsoever if you get caught up in an unexpected pump/dump or otherwise get scammed (people can screech about due diligence all they like, for sure some people are greedy but sometimes stuff just happens somewhat unexpectedly like steem), and that it's not ready for mainstream use (which I think we all know).

He did actually look into it before making that decision though, meanwhile I merrily barrelled the other way XD


Yes; if you believe regulatory agencies work for the customer, then crypto looks really reckless.

With the wording of some of the regulations they probably worked for customers once? XD

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It is good to be skeptical of crypto (and everything), but one also has to look at the alternatives and potential there, as well as the risks.Is it better to lose a small amount now taking a chance on changing the world, or at retirement find out that everything one has worked for has been squandered? I think a lot of people playing it safe are going to discover that the safe path was easy to choose, but has a painful end. I reckon crypto is a decent hedge bet on the governments screwing up the economy. :)


He won't (usually XD) dismiss things just because he doesn't like the sound of them. He also hasn't fully internalised (or internalised at all) that he could make comparatively minute investments in crypto to mitigate potential risks (he's used to dealing with much larger amounts of money moving around as he's done stocks).

He's also gotten a ridiculous level of conservative since we spawned children that got bigger and like doing stuff that costs money and bought a house and other such adulty things.