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RE: $HIVE games for Hive

in LeoFinance10 days ago

Ahh you people that pay attention to things 😆

I kind of main hbd because hbd = 1 as far as I’m concerned (I compare hive to it directly disregarding the fiat it’s meant to be pegged to) and recently started stashing some into the savings account. I like the interest rates and if defi stuff happens to it and can do stuff without stressing me out then bonus 😅

Would have loved RC delegations when RC became a thing as I’d definitely prefer to delegate that to accounts I adopt over delegating hp as I have more RC than I can use in a day.


Yeah, the delegation has been a long time coming unfortunately - but hopefully we are on the right track now and it will enable communities to onboard faster and cheaper, especially since in combination with "free account tokens" the RCs are powerful.

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