Tips to build up those Hive's

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It is not easy to build a reputation on any blogging website.
So, the first thing you have to do on Hive is to build a reputation and make sure that you don't lose it either.

Now, you may say that you do not have enough financial backup to invest in Hive. It is quite a risk, I agree to invest in crypto, and with all the COVID thing going on, having a steady job and income is becoming very difficult.

What to do

Start writing good posts and promoting it on social media sites and on various discord channels and make sure you interact well with everybody so that people get to know you. Interaction should not mean that you become friends just to get a big fat vote.

You should strive to study the tags used by other people and join the respective communities and use the tag wisely. For example, it is not wise to use the amazing nature tag for a finance post. I hope you get the point.

So, the first rung in the ladder is to write well and get noticed.

Now for the second step.

Invest your Hive's in the hive-engine tokens

There are tokens you should watch out for and those are

  • DEC
  • BRO
  • LEO
  • PAL
  • SIM

Dec is the game coin of @splinterlands is always in high usage, even more so these days after it has become the main means of transaction.

Bro is a project by @raymondspeaks and you should take time to study his Mancave project which is really very interesting and intriguing.

Neoxag is the Neoxian city token and always in high demand. So, keep watching the market.

Sim is the game token of Dcity and yes, it is in high demand too.

Leo and Pal are my favorites too and I keep getting dividends on a daily basis for staking it.

Invest the Hive's in these tokens and start to use and trade it in such a way that you make a good profit and get back the initial investment of Hive.

Power up that Hive

Power up the profit you made on Hive and watch your account grow slowly.

Believe in crypto

Feel the power


will be continued


And most of all, leave meaningfull comments everywhere. Make yourself visible. Do good, help people. Spread the words, promote HIVE in the outside world.

And all will be good ;)

Yes, that is a very good point. Thank you.

Hey Karin! Long time. Yeah, we're trying to take hive to a wider market ;)

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