SPS Promoted on Crypto Banter Youtube Channel

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I know there are loads of different channels out there pumping crypto and advising on different markets and buys, etc. I sometimes watch a few but found this following one interesting:


This particular video (29 minute mark) talks about different gaming tokens and the possible effect the ban on screen time in China might have on these tokens.

At the 29 minute mark, these guys focus particularly, though briefly, on SPS being a great buying opportunity at the moment. Now if the Crypto Banter team are spruiking SPS and they have a fairly large follow base, this can only be a great thing for Splinterlands further growth! Great to see this great game getting more exposure.

Thanks for reading.

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That's great. The China ban seems kind of bs to me. I do think the mobile gaming market is probably the biggest on that end so maybe they just want to have more control.

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That's awesome @scooter77. SPS is indeed a great token to buy right now. Once the game expands and DAO comes, SPS will see a huge spike. We are just getting started.

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