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When we wake up in the morning, we wash our faces and start the day.

So, do we start the day thinking about our health, or do we succumb to a brief feeling of cooling just to wake up? We buy soap that is best described in commercials. Have you ever thought you bought a mold chemical?

What is Natural Soap?

The material that we can clean by interacting with water is called soap. While our agenda is shaken with coronavirus cases, the importance of natural soap is once again understood. It has been proven that soap breaks the structure of the virus and can remove lipid molecules with water. In this way, purification and cleaning process with water and soap is provided.

Micelles are effective in soap solution, insoluble or poorly soluble organic compounds.

Use of Natural Soap

After choosing your soap containing ingredients suitable for your skin, you can foam with water and clean your skin after the process that takes about 30 seconds. The feature that distinguishes natural soap from chemical soaps is that it does not foam abundantly. Factory-produced hair and skin care products add a chemical that interacts with water and initiates and increases foaming. Water hardness and PH degree are also among the factors affecting foaming. In order for natural products to perform their cleaning function, even a thin layer works without the need for abundant foaming. When purchasing natural soap, you should pay attention to its content instead of looking for the affordable one. You should choose natural soaps that you are sure do not contain chemicals, chemical colorants, perfumes or dyes.

Is Every Soap Natural?

Those who prefer chemical products to natural products for years are those who read the package. While the ads can be misleading, they can be tempting to be backed by discounts. In terms of expense costs for natural soap producers, it can be expensive because there is no commercial production. When placing a soap bar on the market, the price he sets seems normal to the producer. While evaluating, we should consider the natural production equivalent to the handmade product. When it comes to natural products, no additional substances are added other than the main ingredients. The materials used should be selected according to the procedure. Considering all these applications, it takes about 4 weeks for natural soap to arrive at our homes from the construction phase. In order to observe the effect of natural soaps produced by supplementing with different plant extracts and oils, it should be used for a long time and chemical products should not be used.

Caustic or Ash Water?

It is not possible to make soap without using sodium hydroxide, ie caustic. The caustic effect decreases thanks to the use of caustic in certain proportions. Making soap with lye, which is an alkali like caustic, was tried in ancient times because it did not have caustic material. The caustic feature of ash water is more than that of caustic. You can use ash water as a drain opener.

Known Wrongs

Too much hand and face washing during the day

Touching the face

Using hot water constantly

Using the same towel over and over

Using products such as make-up removal wipes

Forgetting to wash your face in the morning and evening

Do you use personal care products suitable for your hair and skin texture? The production of herbal, natural and handmade personal care products under appropriate conditions based on all hair and skin types is important for health. I will answer a frequently asked question: "Why is it handmade?" Chemical products burn hands. First of all, why should we dip our own hands in chemicals? Why should we sell this to you who will use these products later. When you look at the market values, you can find the cheapest cosmetics and care products. I would say that it is easy to reach these products even from the public market, but I think the markets are not visited much because of the coronavirus. We obey rules such as not entering public places and personal distances, and we wash our hands. If we think about our health, the first measure should be the use of handmade products. To touch the market again; Read the ingredients of cheap soaps! There are chemical substances such as SLS, SLES, EDTA. Although most brands claim not to be in their content, there are certain proportions. What is natural comes from using the essence of nature, that is, herbal handmade products.

We have to admit that the extracts of some herbs and even mushroom species are nature's healers. Medicinal and aromatic plants with their healing powers are now taking their place in the food and health sector. In order for the active ingredients of the healers to interact with our cells, they must be transformed into products such as spices, tea, oil, soap. In this context, natural soap is discussed in this article.

Soap making is an enjoyable process as well as laborious. The transformation of natural oils into soap always excites me. Some manufacturers produce natural bar soaps for different purposes by using tried sensitive formulas and cold process technique. Thus, the effects of the essential oils and minerals added are not lost. After waiting for 4 weeks for maturation after production, it offers to you.

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