The Markets Are Looking A Bit Like Winter

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Many years ago I worked in Toronto which was about a 90 minute drive from my rural home on a good day in light traffic. I’d often work an afternoon shift which saw me heading out of the city around 11pm.

In good weather it was a great time to be driving. Traffic was light, roads were good. The only thing I had to be concerned about was the transport drivers from a certain province who seem to think the Trans Canada was a NASCAR track.

In winter weather, leaving work in a driving snow storm became a test of nerve and patience. I knew as soon as I got into the car, it was going to be a long drive. Just a question of how long and how nerve wracking.

If you’ve never driven in snow, even on a road that has been plowed, you’re dealing with poor visibility and slippery roads. As I’d travel further from the cities and towns, road crews passed less often. I’d be dealing with snow build up as well. Some nights, I’d struggle to know where I was on the road if another vehicle’s tracks couldn’t be seen.

Those 90 minute drives often turned into 3 or 4 hours in the dead of night.

Fighting the Instincts

During those long slow drives I’d need to have a running dialogue with myself. No matter how many times I drove through those conditions my instinct was to tense up, to be on the alert for anything happening that could see me sliding off the road. To be ready to react.

The dialogue was needed to remind me, my instinctive move was the wrong move. I would remind myself to breath, to relax, don’t tense, no sudden moves, ease the grip on the wheel, relax my foot on the gas pedal, watch the road and travel at a steady pace.

Those were things I did when driving in normal conditions without reminders. They were what got me where I was going without incidents. Aware of the space around me and ready to respond but not tensed in anticipation of panic.

I’d travel slower in snow but not so slow I didn’t have enough momentum to get up grades and hills. Speed was a balancing act between enough to carry me forward but not so much it would be easy to slide off the road.

Winter Driving for Crypto Markets

When the crypto markets start to take the dip deep into the red we’ve been seeing, we need to start that internal dialogue and quell the instinct to bail out. Some of us have been through crypto winter.

Guess what? We’re still here.

As prices went down and stayed down, many bailed. They saw not getting profits as a time to cut their losses and run. At the end of the winter, they still had their losses. Those who stayed the course saw their portfolio rise and profit.

The Hive Advantage

Here on Hive we actually have an advantage most other chains don’t. We can continue creating content or playing the play to earn games and see our positions grow. What we earn will have lower value by stacking more HIVE and HBD. Along with the other tokens on HE we’ll see gains.

If you have some spare cash, now is a great time to buy more of your favourite tokens.

It’s a sweet feeling when the markets move back up, and they will eventually, to be repaid for patience with some serious profit.

Don’t be faint of heart, stay the course and play the long game. Spring will arrive in due course.



Shadowspub is a writer from Ontario, Canada. She writes on a variety of subjects as she pursues her passion for learning. She also writes on other platforms and enjoys creating books you use like journals, notebooks, coloring books etc.

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Great comparison on this bear market and driving in snow!
I agree with you, markets are freaking out, all prizes have gone down… let’s increase our positions. I was on the look for the best moment to buy more HIVE (when it was $2, I deeply regreted the lack of hive I had)… this is my revenge!

enjoy that sweet revenge and drive carefully but steadily through the winter. Spring is coming.

Super snow on there dear. Market is falling down, we don't worry about that. There are ups and downs in all markets. this year-end hive will go $5 definitely.

I think the next bull market will see Hive go to $5 or better, agreed. The last crypto winter was 2 years long, so patience and perseverance will be key if that happens again.

Meanwhile on the BC West Coast we do get a few snowy days, enough that I can still relate.
Bought a bit of Hive at $0.73 using some reserve capital while we here. A chance to increase our positions alright!

Nice... feels good to be in a position to pick up some extra right? The west coast has had weather kicking this past year... you will know exactly how to handle crypto winter.

I agree with you and @ykdesigns. We’ll see $5 or better. BUY NOW, IT’S YOUR CHANCE!

buy or keep on producing good content and grow that way. It's one thing I love about Hive. I can increase my position through creating content.

Interesting analogy! These markets have me nervous, but you are right, of course.

deep breaths... we'll get there.

For a minute, I though BTC was gonna go all the way down past 30k, but it's climbed back up over 36 and making me comfortable again 😁

what a nice buy opportunity if it had dropped below eh. But, yes, always nice to see the old boy moving upward and others following.

The good thing about these descents is that they are just a backward thrust before shooting off like a rocket.

yes, that is an excellent way to view them. Hive shot up to over $3 this past year, it can go higher next time.

It easy going to be easy but then like you said, it's all about dialogue. We just need to keep calm and keep pushing ourselves to hold on. Now is the best time for a lot of crypto investors to increase their portfolio. Times like this are always present and only the wise can utilize such time.

Thanks for the motivation @shadowspub . Really found it helpful. ❤️✅

Glad you found it helpful. It's a topic we may need to return to a few times if the crypto winter settles in to strongly. We'll get there and yes, great time to add to the portfolio if funds are available. Just remember, don't use funds you should use for living expenses.

good analogy.
when the bear arrives i take stock of my positions in order to decide which bags to focus on.
currently I've decided to focus on stables, leo, and cine.

sounds like you've figured out your priorities where you want to be at the other end... nice job.

Great analogy and writing! It was short but grabbed my attention, probably the best writing piece I saw today.

Driving is already nerve wracking for me, during a snow day seems like a nightmare, at least during the crypto winter I can 100% guarantee my physical integrity XD



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