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RE: BEWARE! Soon You Will Not Be Able To Buy BTC.

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I've actually sold all my BTC for hive not long back, and then BTC starts going up.. oof... Well really.. I don't care, because HIVE has far more X growth potential than BTC and also I can now earn even more HIVE from curation having powered up the HIVE I brought.

Basically I've done away with potentially pulling some income out of hive for the foreseeable future and instead I've just going to grow my account until it's generating a nice amount of wealth every day. Holding until the end of the year at the very least.

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BTC for Hive for someone here who understands the community and is committed to it won't be massively harmful I don't think, personally, your stake has far more short-term utility and growth potential than BTC would have due to the nature of our economic model.

I was committed very early to not view my stake as liquid for several years to come. I know the long-term benefit of the compounded growth will be exponentially better the longer I can let that compound effect work.

Here's to 10X in the next couple of years my friend 😎🚀


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