Grocery Product Price Has Increased Once Again In Bangladesh

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Without having food we can't imagine our life. This food is our weakness and the price of grocery products has increased and poor people will suffer much for this sudden price up. Yesterday I went out and asked for price of an egg which is 12 BDT (Bangladeshi Taka) per piece which was increased two months ago and it was 8 BDT then it increased 2 BDT more and became 10 BDT. Egg is an essential food and for many of us daily food and the price is increasing day by day.

The financial status of our country is in threat. Government should take necessary steps. Price up of grocery products and other products may not affect the life of rich people but it surely affect the life of we common people. Gradually dollar price is increasing to and our import business is also at risk. We are paying high rate when importing foreign goods and inflation is also responsible for this directly or indirectly. It begins after the war of Russia and Ukraine and it seems our country is in debt that price of daily necessary goods increasing day by day.

If grocery product increasing then all the sector will increase the price like house rent, electricity bill and many more things we need to live a good life. So the price up of grocery products is not a good sign. I just talked about egg as an example, few days ago my concern was oil price up. Beside fuel oil, cooking oil price also increased and whenever it decrease a little bit, newspapers highlight the news but the price still doesn't go back to the normal where from it started to raise high.


The solution of it not in my hand. I wish I could have magic power to fix it. I can't see my country is in debt when we are trying our best to earn foreign currency by doing several freelancing job. Few days ago I've paid a big amount of money for a transaction. It was Payoneer to my local bank account and USD convert rate was given very low and their charge is pretty high. But I'm glad that more or less I've contributed to the finance of our country. Our freelancers work really hard to make money online and country surely get benefit from it. I think corruption could be also a reason behind this price increase though we can't blame a particular thing without having strong evidence against it.

Whatever, life could be easy for you and I but what about those hand to mouth people? What about those day labour who works all day long to earn money for living a good life? My concern is food which is our basic need and if the price of food increase like this, we all will suffer from it or already suffering from it. Beside the government we all should work on our economic stability and this way things could be under control. If once price start increasing its hardly found go back to normal so government should investigate reasons behind it and hire honest employees to fix financial crisis in our country. It could take time but things should be back to the normal. Its hurt when we see financial crisis of our own country.

Just imagine one thing, a regular office going service holder getting salary 15k and its not increasing but when he riding in several vehicles like bus, bike or others that need fuel oil which increasing day by day. Salary is not increasing but bus rent, fuel oil price increasing, grocery product price is also increasing then how a service holder can bear his expenses? His service grabbed his all the time and he can't think about second source of income for being so much involved at his job or service. This was just an example to show you how these things works or affecting life of us. We all want to see financial stability and no more price increasing (unnecessarily) and inflation in our country asap.

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Indeed food prices are the most painful spot in the inflation since its hurting the poor. Saving on food have health impacts and I hope governments will find a solution.

I hope so dear, thanks for dropping by here. Have a nice day 💖😊