EasyDeFi announces two new investment pools.

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EasyDeFi two new pools: p-HBD-USDC on Polycub and p-SPS-PolyCub.


What are the New Pools?

@easydefi, a service to investors project on Hive, which recently celebrated it’s one year birthday announces two new investment pools:

  • the p-HBD-USDC pool on Polycub.
  • the p-SPS-PolyCub pool on Polycub.

What is the minimum investment?

  • The minimum investment for Group D: p-HBD-USDC is 50 HBD.
  • The minimum investment for Group B: pSPS-PolyCub is 250 SPS.

What happens to your investment funds?

  • You send your funds by wallet transfer to @easydefi

  • @EasyDeFi sends your earnings to your wallet

  • in between those two steps are all the actual steps involved in investing, which you don’t have to complete.

  • An investment in @easydefi Group D means your HBD will be deposited into a trading pair p-HBD-USDC on SushiSwap, where you earn daily trade commissions in Sushi, which are converted to PolyCub, and you also receive a share of the daily inflation of PolyCub, which means a share of the newly minted PolyCub made each day. These earnings have a 30 day lock up, so earnings are paid every 30 days when the lock-up period expires.

Why would you invest?

  • Group D is in HBD-USDC:

    • While there is a 20% APR for HBD on Hive, if you stake it in your wallet. There is a higher APR on Polycub for the pHBD-USDC Farm, over 40%. This is a stablecoin trading pair, this type of pair is popular during a bear market because stable coins are pegged to one US Dollar or an equivalent. This protects your capitol from losses during the dropping prices of a bear market.
    • Additionally, because it;s a stable coin pair, by definition the price of each asset should stay very close to the same value in US Dollars, this price stability protects the investor from the biggest fear of Liquidity Providers called Impermanent loss.
    • These two attributes make the HBD-USDC pool the perfect, or near perfect bear market investment. While No DeFi project is 100% safe, many precautions have been taken by the Leofinance development team, the CertiK audit team and the Polygin development team, to keep your funds safe.
  • Group B: SPS-Polycub:

  • This investment pool gives you a chance to earn a higher APR on your SPS, and diversify where you hold your SPS as a safety plan. If you have assets in two different wallets, protected by two different sets of security keys, you won’t incur a 100% loss should one wallet be compromised.

  • Additionally, this pool pays a higher APR then the APR paid on SPS held in your Splinterlands wallet.

What is PolyCub?


PolyCub is the LP and staking DeFi project on Polygon, created by the Leofinance development team. It is a fork of battle tested software code, and it is a fork or derivative of Goose swap, which is a descendent/fork of PanCake Swap. Additionally, PolyCub code is audited for code vulnerabilities by CertiK.

What is @easydefi?

EasyDeFi @easydefi is a DeFi investments as a service company on Hive. The product is the @easydefi 2-step investment service. Instead of cryptocurrency investors desiring the high APR yields of decentralized finance completing the tedious and potential money losing error filled 10 step process to invest their capitol themselves, @easydefi provides a 2-step alternative for a 10% fee.

Learn more about EasyDeFi

  • Learn more about @easydefi and the other EasyDeFi investment pools in this post.
  • EasyDeFi also puts out a report to investors every week, so you can read the Report to Investors week 56 in this Post

Consider using @easydefi and enjoy two step DeFi investment.

  • Join over 100 Hive Community investors in one of the five @easydefi investment pools.
  • ‘Enjoy the ease of the @easydefi two step: you send your HBD or SPS to @easydefi by wallet transfer, and every 30 days your earnings show up in your wallet.
  • The minimum investment for Group D: p-HBD-USDC is 50 HBD.
  • The minimum investment for Group B: pSPS-PolyCub is 250 SPS.


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  • Shortsegments has been a Hive Community member since it’s inception, and was also a part of the Hive progenitor Steemit. He has also been a member of Leofinance since it’s inception, back when it was Steemleo.

@shortsegments has been writing about cryptocurrency, blockchain, Bitcoin, and decentralized finance for four years on Hive. He runs two businesses on Hive: the No Loss Lottery and Easy Defi. Both businesses provide investment services to over 100 individual investors here on Hive.
For further information about these businesses read the following articles by clicking on the title your interested in reading:

(1) The No Loss Lottery

(2) DeFi made easy; EasyDeFi, the 2 step DeFi investment strategy

(3) EasyDeFi report to investors : #56 on June 19th, 2022..

(4) No Loss Lottery Winners on June 19th, 2022!


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