Easydefi Investors Update 08/03/2022

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Group A pool on Cubfinance

07/24/2022 Earnings

  • The harvest was over 450 Cub on 07/24/22, which was 177 Leo.
  • I declined my 10% this week.
Spreadsheet 7/24/2022

Screen Shot 20220803 at 8.51.57 PM.png

Earnings distributed via Wallet Transfers:

Screenshot 20220803 at 9.34.36 PM.jpeg

Screenshot 20220803 at 9.35.54 PM.jpeg


07/31/2022 Earnings

  • Over 476 Cub harvested = 184 Leo.
  • I declined my 10% this week.
Spreadsheet 7/31/2022

Screen Shot 20220803 at 8.58.00 PM.png

Earnings distributed via wallet transfer:




Group C pool on PolyCub

  • These funds have been redeployed in PolyCub.
  • Thus far this pool has a 80% return on investment.
  • The defi landscape is constantly changing and funds must be moved and reinvested for maximum gain.

Group C Pool earnings 7/24

  • This shows investors, amount invested, amount earned this week, and total amount earned since the pool opened.

  • Excel Spread sheet for 07/24

Screen Shot 20220802 at 9.18.52 PM.png

Earnings distributed through wallet transfer.

Screenshot 20220803 at 8.27.18 PM.jpeg

Group C Pool earnings 7/30

  • Excel Spread sheet for July 30th
    Screen Shot 20220802 at 9.18.03 PM.png

Earnings distributed by wallet transfer:

Screenshot 20220803 at 8.32.04 PM.jpeg

Pool funds reinvested

  • This reinvestment resukts in lockup of earnings for 30 days.
  • Earnings will be paid out monthly.
  • Next payout will be August 30th.
  • Questions? ask below in comments.

Group D pool EasyDefi Investors Update

  • This pool was invested in PHBD-PUSDC on PolyCub.
  • This pool was has no new investors for a month.
  • I decided to close the pool and advise that the investors reinvest in another pool, Group A on Cubfinance or Group C on Polycub, both funds are doing well.
  • The HBD was returned to the investors.

Screen Shot 20220728 at 10.49.51 PM.png

Your HBD has been returned via wallet transfer.

  • You can reinvest in Group C or Group A
  • Yiu can send the HBD back if you wish to reinvest, and I will convert reinvest it in Cubfinance or PolyCub. You choose.

Wallet transfers used to return funds:


EasyDefi Pool Changes

  • Group A funds were moved to Cub-PHBD pool for higher returns and lower TVL translating into twice as much in earnings.
  • Group C funds were moved from Xpolycub to Farm Polycub-USDC for a much higher rate of return, however the earnings are paid out only monthly.
  • Group D was closed, and funds returned to investors.
  • Group A has polycub from the airdrop to be distributed to investors according to pool percentage. This will be in form of polycub/leo, so I will adjust the pool totals and individual totals accordingly.
  • Everyine got a 10% bonus this week, as I declined my 10% for each both weeks as a gift to the investors in the pools.
  • Questions? Ask in the comments.



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Thanks for the bonus! I like the new investment choices for Groups A & C. Keep up the good work!

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Your welcome. Thanks for supporting @easydefi

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I don't know about easydefi before how does it work?

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Easydefi eliminates all the steps 13-14 by last count it takes to invest in cryptocurrency, you simply send 250 Leo to @easydefi and it is invested in one of these projects. Then the earnings are sent to your wallet.

I called it the EasyDefi two step.

Easydefi is a pooled investment in two Leofinance defi projects, one on Binance Smart Chain, called Cubfinance and the other on Polygon, called PolyCub.
These projects are forks of successful projects and their code is audited for vulnerabilities by Certik, a third party who audits defi projects in every ecosystem; ethereum, polygon, binance, etc...

Group A is the oldest pool, Cubfinance on Binance, it is over 60 weeks old, and investors have earned their investment back as the ROI is over 100% at this point.

Group C is on PolyCub on Polygon, and it has an over 80% return on investment since March 2022.
Both investments pools feature a report to investors with a spread sheet showing who has invested, how much and how much they are earning.