Hive token price increases 100% in 6 days during a bear market!

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Hive Price has increased significantly recently.


100% Increase

Hive price increases 100% in 6 days!

  • I see the price of Hive has gone from a low of 43 cents to a high of 96 cents in 6 days.
  • Which is over a 100% increase!
  • Data from CoinMarketCap shows the Hive price of 43 cents on July 25, and high of 96 cents on July 31st, which is over 100% increase!
  • I think that certainly an altcoin token increasing 100% during a bear market is a token to keep an eye on!


Data from CoinMarketCap shows Hive is in the Top Movers on CoinMarketCap!




Such News is cause for celebration!


  • @clixmoney created this great graphic to commemorate the achievement!

Utility is the Killer Application

  • Hive is providing multiple use cases or utility, and continues to see both dApps decentralized applications and business launch on Hive.
  • According to the most recent addition of the Hive Business List published by the community Hive Business Buzz.

Hive Business Buzz List

  • This list shows a number of dApps and businesses using Hive or Hive Backed Dollars.
  • Utility is truly the Killer App.



  • This list contains businesses both on and off Hive and seems to grow every week.
  • I am accumulating a nice bag of Hive and while this is not financial advice, you may want to do your own research into Hive.
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Hopefully hive price will be increased again.

Yes, so do I...

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The rally in the bull market will be massive, hive is worth building with

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Exactly, a rally like this in the bear market suggests big things are in store during the bull market.

Very big and not just big

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Very nice, short and sweet.

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