I think cryptocurrency mass adoption will depend on easy user interfaces like Hive.

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The biggest impediment to the adoption of new technologies is traditionally the technology it self.

  • When I look back at the personal computer it is like the tale of two cities.

  • City A was the IBM PC, or IBM Personal Computer.

  • It's operating system and user interface required a lot of computer language knowledge.

  • The IBM PC came with a tutorial which lasted over 7 days.

  • Once you bought the IBM PC you could expect to spend a week learning things before you could write your first letter.

  • This was back in the day when people wrote each other letters frequently, and mailed them.


  • City B was the Apple Macinotosh.
  • It came with a musical, story based tutorial which took about one hour.
  • The tutorial was fun, light hearted and written mostly in everyday language.
  • But it introduced you to terms that were new, but seemed so intuitive that once you heard them and saw the them on the screen you remembered them forever.
  • The most remarkable thing was that when you finished the tutorial you were able to write your first letter, print it on your Apple Printer and mail it that first day.


  • The tale of two computers is valuable even today, although it happened over 30 years ago.
  • The contrast between these two computers was a extreme example of a user friendly interface and easy to learn operating system, versus a very difficult user interface and incredibly complex operating system.
  • It quite frankly has become the stuff of legend and a model used to instruct both computer science and business students alike of the importaance of the user interface and ease of use of the operating system.
  • But now we have cryptocurrency, and those who don'tknow history sometimes have to repeat it..


  • When I look at cryptocurrency it reminds me not of the Apple MacIntosh computer, but an IBM PC.
  • At the time dawn of the age personal computer, the manufacturer of the IBM Personal Computer use to take pride in the fact that it took several days, to weeks to learn how to use it.
  • It took smart and computer savy people to learn it and it took real motivation.
  • Most of you have never heart of IBM Personal Computers, because this attitude killed them.
  • But most of you have heard of Apple Computers, it is praactically a name recognied across the world for making computers and technology that are easy for everyday people to use.
  • Specifically not only for the computer literate and computer savy.

  • Blocktrades and the other developers on Hive have given us a gift.

  • A cryptocurrency that is easier to use then practically any other out there.

  • but now it's our job to build the next step, the projects, and user interfaces that make it the Apple MacIntosh of it's time.

  • I started a business on Hive called EasyDefi more then a year ago, and some of my crypto friend told me it wouldn't work, because people wouldn't send their money to someone else to invest it for them.

  • They told me that Cryptocurrency is all about investing your own money.

  • It's all about your crypto, in your wallet, protected by your keys, earning no interest, and waiting for the next bull market to pump it's price, so you can sell it for a big profit.

  • I think that overlooks everything I just said about Apple MacINtosh Computer and the IBM Personal Computer and the fact that cryptocurrency is in it's infancy...

  • We love to have decentralized systems where our crypto was always under our exclusive control and protection, but that's not the world we live in.

  • Instead we have less then secure things like centralized exchanges, cross blockchain trading through centralized bridges and trusted lenders.

  • So it's just a matter of who are you going to trust.

  • So now my business EasyDefi lets people invest in decentralized yield farming and staking projects like Cubfinance and Polycub, through trust and transparency.

  • And those investors have made over 100% on their money and see reports on their capitol on a semi regular basis.

The final point is two fold.
  • Cryptocurrency is complicated.
  • Hive strength is it's ease of use and the fact you don't need to understand everything under the hood of HIve to benefit from the technology.
  • But it's still complicated, so we need to keep thining up ways to help more people utilize the financial tools here while they are learning.
  • Cryptocurrency is complicated, so building structures which don't require computer science degrees to understand are crucial to long term growth.
  • Did you know that the total number of people currently involved in something as monumently life changing as decentralized finance is less then 0.1% of the worlds population?
  • Which means over 99.9% of the population are not utilizing decentralized finance as the remarkable financial tool that it is...
  • We need to stop competing for that small population that understands blockchain explorers, NFT, bridges, distributed networks and can explain proof of work versus proof of work.
  • We need to make the interfaces as simple to use as buying shirt on the Amazon website or even simpler.
  • Then we will see large numbers of people join our community, surf the Hive Blog Interfaces, purchase and stake the token.
  • I think that is what the pathway to mass adoption looks like, the way forward into a future where people use blockchains like they use the internet; without even thinking about it.



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I don't really think it will be interfaces but applications that will drive adoption. We need applications that users will want to use and they will come if it exists

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I believe we need applications that the mainstream will use and find easy to navigate through. Something that brings and enhances their daily life.


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We have a good user interface here on Hive, but I also agree with the other comments that dApps will pave the way for mass adaption. Plus, if we could also make the onboarding process more seamless. 😊


I agree that both easy onboarding, intuitive interface and attractive dApps are important ingrients for mass adoption.

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Agree it’s applications that will bring the masses.

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